August 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Can you believe after all that work on this week's plan, I've got nothing? I tried to plan out what could be made on an electric skillet, george foreman, or crockpot since we're closing on the house today and will be working there for the next week with no appliances.

With the planning stage done, I comment to Mr. Right before I start laying everything out and packing up the necessary supplies. Bad move on my part. I expected to be praised for my hard work. Instead I was told that we wouldn't be over there every evening and he wasn't sure how much time we would be spending over there.

In his language, that means that at the last minute our plans may change and we might have something else to do after work. In my language he was telling me my hard work was for nothing. This control freak doesn't like plans changing at the last minute.

I got all huffy and quit packing, and now we have nothing for this week except for sandwich meat that I purchased last week.

Monday & Tuesday: In-laws visiting (we typically eat out)
Wednesday & Thursday: Whatever we can catch
Friday: Dinner with friends

For this week I get an A+ in stubbornness and a D- in thriftiness (we'll at least do the dollar menu for Wednesday & Thursday).

For some actual ideas on planning your week, check out Menu Plan Monday.

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