August 11, 2008

Count your blessings

That's certainly something I need to take a step back and do right now. I'm getting a little stressed over some of the wedding details I'm having a hard time finalizing. Like those distant cousins my mom says I should invite, but I can't find their addresses any where.

Of course making a blessing list would just seem like another chore on the wedding "to do" list. Actually I have a list for the wedding, one for the house, one for work, and one for misc life type stuff.

My #1 and #2 blessings are my family and family friends - this weekend I learned of two very generous ways people want to help me with my wedding.

Friday night my sister called and told me that the lady who babysits the Princess and Critter is going to make his bear ring (as the Princess calls it) outfit. She's already letting us borrow a dress that her youngest wore in a wedding several years ago, and adding a sash to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

This weekend, she let my sister know that she found a pattern in a knitting store for an infant tux coat with tails. Its for a child, size 12 months, so the store owner offered to help her size it down for Critter (he'll be 5 months for the wedding). She's also making him a bow tie, and a cumber bun out of the same material as the Princess's sash. And she's making him black pants and sewing a black ribbon down the sides to make them look like tuxedo pants.

The next day, the mom of a friend I went to college with called, offering Mr. Right and I their timeshare for our honeymoon. They have facilities all over the country, so he and I are going to take a look at the web site tonight to see just where we'd like to go.

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  1. That is so cool about the timeshare! What an awesome blessing! I was the same way when planning my wedding, it seemed like even make lists was too much work!


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