August 07, 2008

Wedding Photographer

Last Wednesday Mr. Right and I met with our photographer for the first time in person. I had reviewed his work online and he and I had spoken over the phone on several occasions. He offered to do a free engagement portrait session, and being one to never turn down free, we accepted. Mr. Right and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get a good feel for our photographer's style and what it would be like to work with him.
We scheduled the meeting at 6:30, to give Mr. Right plenty of time to get off work and get to the location without being rushed. It gave me plenty of time to waste, since I get off work at 5, and the location was less than 5 minutes from my work.
Thankfully I have plenty of wedding books to read. So after primping in the office bathroom for 30 minutes, I found myself a park bench and began reading Dazzled to Frazzled and Back Again by Ginger Kolbaba. At about 5:45, I saw a gentleman get out of his car and start circling the court house (where we had decided to have the pictures taken). I wondered if it was him, but decided that it was too early.
About 15 minutes later he approached me “you’re name wouldn’t happen to be Brooke would it?” Score one point for the photographer for arriving early to prep and scout out spots as well as being able to spot the bride on a park bench reading a wedding book ;). He and I talked for another 15 minutes or so just trying to get to know one another better as well as speaking of things specifically that I want him to catch on the day of the wedding.
Earlier this week, we saw the proofs and they turned out great! Mr. Right and I need to sort through them and decide which one we’re going to send to the paper.

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  1. A good photog is invaluable. Good job getting a free session!


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