August 08, 2008

Wedding Shoes

My mom and I decided (as we often do) to go shopping after our doctor's appointments Wednesday afternoon. One of the stores we hit was Marshalls where I got some great deals. I found Mr. Right a pair of dress shoes (that he desperately needed) for $20 and a pair of casual slacks for $10. With Christmas in mind, I purchased a cute Calvin Klein 3 piece outfit for Critter (my nephew) for $15 and a got the Princess (my niece) a Scooby Doo snorkle set for $10.

My big find of the day, however, was for my wedding. Shoes were starting to creep up pretty high on my priority list, since I'll need them soon to start my fittings for the dress. The style of shoe didn't really concern me so much, since the only time anyone will see them is during the garter toss.

Wedding shoes must be:

1. Reasonably Priced
2. Comfortable
3. Appropriate for pictures

To be honest I even considered doing something crazy - like getting a red shoe so I could wear it again, but when I found these shoes at Marshall's - I knew I found the ones.

How much did I pay for them? $35? $19.99? Not even close


  1. Oh my gosh! Adorable shoes and an awesome price, LOVE THEM!!! I paid more for mine and they were from Walmart!

    RYC - I almost missed that fine print too. Tricky...

  2. HOLY COW!!!!!

    $5.00???? UNBELEIVEABLE!!!!
    Meant to be....:)


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