August 21, 2008

Things I Love Thursday: Durable Wedding Bands

When Mr. Right and I first got engaged, we had several friends recommend that we get him a tungston wedding band. We were going for the white gold look anyway, and tungston was just more practical for a guy that is active. Not only does it cost less (easier to replace if its lost), but tungston is also more durable. Its scratch resistant and is even so tough that it can't be resized.

After reading up on it (and hearing the rave reviews from the guys we know that have them) Mr. Right was convinced that tungston was for him. I found them online for around $80, but before I ordered, he had to get his finger sized. He's never worn jewelry before, and since the ring can't be altered, we had to make sure we got it right.

We met for lunch on Tuesday to go to a local jewelry store, and while we were there we took a peak at what they had in stock. He tried a few on and found one that he liked, but then the sales lady suggested he try on a titanium ring. While he liked the style of the tunsgton ring slightly better, he loved that the titanium ring was very light weight. And since he's not use to jewelry, he like that the ring didn't feel too cumbersome.

We ended up buying the titanium. A friend later pointed out that the ring is made of the same material of Lt. Dan's legs and the space shuttle. But its the ring that Mr. Right wanted. He did his best (and he did very well) trying to design a ring that I would love, so I let him have the final say.

Do I love it? Of course. He's got a ring that he won't wear out, scratch, or not want to wear because its not comfortable. Of course I can't help but also love the price - $100 for a wedding band that he loves.


  1. My brother ended up doing the same thing. A Fraction of the cost of a platinum ring, but looks pretty much the same!

  2. Awesome, so glad that the two of you found a great ring for him!

  3. Good job getting such a good deal (and a good ring)!

    Hey, thanks for that really awesome comment you left on my blog. It was really encouraging. I love your blog, too. It's like reliving all the excitement of the early years all over again. I'm so excited for you & Mr. Right! When's the big day again?

  4. My husband and I chose titanium weddings band. They are attractive, geeky, and best of all, frugal!


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