May 11, 2009

Dose of Reality

Mr. Right has never been much of a TV watcher. He loves History channel and crap…erm…stuff like that, but he’s not one to get into a TV show. Much less – gasp – “reality” television.

Over the past 6 months, however, he and I have been at the mercy of network TV programmers. Tuesday nights are Biggest Loser and American Idol nights. Thanks to my sister and her family, we’re also hooked on Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice.

I actually enjoy watching these shows with Mr. Right better than a regular tv show. He’s self employed, so his work day extends well into the evening. He’s even had clients email him at 10:45 PM asking if he could call them and sure enough at 11 he returned their phone call.

Its hard for him to sit glued to the TV for an hour – so shows like Lost are out of the question. Instead he’ll have his laptop in the living room while we watch “reality” programming. He knows firsthand just how fake these shows are.

About two years ago he was working construction and the log home company he worked for was selected to build a log cabin for a certain home design TV network. I thought this was his 15 minutes of fame; after all he’s a good looking guy. It would be very easy for the camera to fall in love with him.

Only the camera stayed focused on the two models that they had brought in to “build” the cabin. Mr. Right’s crew would set the first 8 logs. Then the models would step in and set the last two logs for the camera, making it look like they did all of the work.

We now understand that these so called reality shows are just as produced as a scripted TV show – but thankfully that doesn’t spoil our fun. I like watching these shows because they don’t require your full attention. He can email a client, rub my feet, watch the show, and discuss it with me all at the same time.

Last night was the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. He and I were on opposing sides – he thought poker champ Annie Duke deserved the price for her superior game play. I wanted Joan Rivers to win, mostly because I hated how arrogant Annie seemed. I particularly enjoyed the moment where Annie thought she was going to win and got all excited right before Donald said “you’re fired.”

Of course if his parents knew – they’d probably think I corrupted their son. When we got married they told me that if they had a daughter they would want her to be exactly like me. Except for my reality show addiction, his dad added as an afterthought. I wonder if their son has told them about his new found addiction.

Biggest Loser finishes up tomorrow night, and American Idol is down to their final 3. What’s a reality couple to do when all their shows are over?

We’ve now got “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” penciled in our summer schedule.


  1. Yup - I guess I'll more time in the evenings now that all the shows are wrapping up for the season. I don't know if I can wait that long for a new episode of Lost.

  2. "What’s a reality couple to do when all their shows are over?"

    Very thought provoking! Got me thinking.

    I'm happy for your you two.

    Nice blog.

  3. I've never been into reality tv much - that's actually why it took me so long to get into LOST (I thought it was another Survivor-esque show! - ha!). But one of my best friends LOVES reality tv, and everytime she's over, my tv mysteriously ends up on Dr. 90210 or John & Kate plus 8. I can see how they would be addicting!

  4. Glee is starting soon! You can watch that!!! ha ha

  5. Lol...that's so funny that his parents said that! I'm not into too many reality shows, but I'm a fan of Biggest Loser!

  6. We got a taste of how scripted "reality" TV is when a guy we know tried out for American Idol. I am watching Biggest loser. I would swear they rig those scales!!! I kinda was clued in to how fake it all is by how neatly all the issues get handled. Real life is not like that. You can also see how they try to influence your view of each player...
    You'll have to rent seasons of 24 this summer, just an idea :-) I'm not a junky or anything...

  7. we are so anxious for our shows to take a break so we can get outside & work on the yard & garden & not feel like we are missing our tv LOL

  8. I have completely brought the hubs over to the dark side and he is now a regular watcher of the RW/RR challenges. The History channel is getting slightly less hits at my house these days. Ah ha.

  9. I'm a reality show lover too. I'm hooked on Loser and Survivor. Think of the time I'll have on my hands soon!

  10. Wow, they hired models for that? That is crazy. Shows how much we know! And "I'm a celebrity..." looks awesome - can't wait.
    Stopping by from SITS. :)


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