May 06, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday - Size 6

Its weigh in day over at the Sisterhood and once again I've got good news and bad news.

Last week: 134.4
This week: 134.8

So that's two weeks in a row I've gained, totaling 1#.

Also, I'm sick of Mr. Right talking about how good Tara on the biggest loser looks!

HOWEVER last night I tried on some size 6 pants at TJ Maxx and they fit! They were a little more snug in the leg than I'd like - but they definitely fit well enough to be work appropriate (the waist was too big, but I'm use to that).

I ended up not buying the pants though, because I found two pair of knee length Nike running shorts that I liked. I was afraid of Mr. Right's reaction to the money I spent (almost $50, including 3 new sports bras, 2 danskin tees, and 2 nike shorts) instead he just hated the look of the shorts.

"These are too long, did you try them on? Or did you buy them for me?"

I need advice on workout clothing - do I go for function but not care about look? Or should I just go for look? Then again in my book thunder thighs shouldn't be seen so running length shorts aren't great either.


PS - If you know a great place to get shorts about two inches above the knee I'd be forever indebted to you!!


  1. Woo-hoo!! How excited to drop a clothing size! I'm certainly no exercise-wear guru, but I'd say pick function over appearance. Did you find some bike trails?

  2. Yay for size 6!!! My vote is for functional! But I'm the girl who just wears a basic t-shirt and sofee shorts to the gym, not a cute match-y match outfit.

  3. I am a function over appearance when working out girl! :) as long as it doesn't clash u r good in my book LOL

    WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the size 6!!! wtg!! I wanna try on shorts but scared yet.

  4. I've seen cute running skirts. Would those work for you? Have you tried Athleta? kind of pricey but very cute.

  5. I am thinking that is cool you got all that stuff for 50 bucks!

    I just exercise in cloths that make me comfortable. As long as it doens't look funky, I am okay.

    A size 6 is awesome.

  6. Function! You've got to be comfy to do your best and trust me chub rub is not fun or hot! (When my sweaty thighs rub together I get a sexy rash that lasts FOREVER. I've actually found the running skirs at Target work well since they have built in bike shorts to keep the rubbing down. But in Michigan I typically wear my full length tights for 3/4 of the year (no joke, I wore them last week!)
    ~ Katie

  7. TJ Maxx is legit! I actually like Target's work out clothes too...but I'm more functional as well. I actually still wear my high school gym shorts to work out in (ew).

  8. Congrats on dropping a size. I would definitely say function over looks, no doubt.

  9. FUNCTION! Who cares if you look good as long as you're comfortable when you're working out!!

    Brooke, I'm so proud of how you're doing. I know you gained, but really, you are doing fabulous! I couldn't ask for anything more!! Great job!

  10. Nice job on shrinking!!!

    On the shorts -- when I USED to run alot (I had the thunder thigh thing going on too, even at a size 6) I would wear spandex shorts UNDER the running shorts. The spandex went down to right above the knee, while the running shorts flapped in the breeze.

    Added perk? The spandex helped keep the leg fat from jiggling AT ALL, so it looked/felt like there was absolutely NONE of that "inner thigh" jiggle, and it looked like my legs really truly were just muscle.

  11. You won my necklace giveaway!!! Email me ASAP and let me know what letters you want stamped and your home address so Lisa can get that mailed out tomorrow. I am not even going to comment on weight loss cause I am growing bigger by the minute.

  12. The day I wear a size 6 I will wear them inside out so people can see! I am NOT kidding ;)


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