May 25, 2009

True Confessions Monday

Just a quick check in because I forgot to set something up. Like any good government employee, I'm sleeping in today. The shrinking jeans gals do true confessions Mondays, so I thought that'd be something fun to do.

*Hiked 9 miles on Saturday - hard work but definitely worth it.
*I didn't count calories while on the hike. surely the peanut butter crackers, apple, and pretzels were all burned off right?
*I confess I left the chimichangas I had for dinner off that list on purpose.
*I didn't shred yesterday - seriously people 9 miles of hiking and a 3K foot elevation change is hard work!
*Took my dad out for his birthday to O'Charley's Sunday.
*Had 3 rolls, potato soup, and buffalo tenders.
*Then I went to the mall and bought a pair of new pants - Gap size 6 thank you!
*Since I had leftovers that were my dinner, I still came in just a hair over for calories for the day.
*I had a moment Sunday where I wanted to just give up and eat everything in the house and never exercise again.
*I wonder if I'll ever look good enough.
*I confess that right now its Sunday night and I'm still feeling that way.
*Crying like a big, fat baby. With an emphasis on fat.
*I also confess that every time I have a breakdown like this I feel guilty, because their are people in this world hurting with real problems.

Sorry guys to end on a bad note. Guess that's what I get for trying to multitask...


  1. 9 mile hike!! WHEW that's hard work. Bet you burned all those calories and then some!! And chimichangas...yum...enjoy 'em girl! My social-worker friend at work always says, "if the good Lord takes me today, everybody will say two things about me - I was full, and I was happy!" Haha

  2. At some point, (probably after you have kids and pass the age of 32) you'll realize that you really WERE thin and lovely! Stop being so hard on yourself! You're doing an amazing job staying in shape and eating healthy. :)

  3. Any time I hike, I figure it burns off all the calories from the whole day! That's my theory and I'm sticking with it.

  4. Get this, EVERY time I exercise consistently and start toning up I get asked when I'm due or do I want a boy or a girl. NO joke! My body does this "hips shrink first, so belly needs to tone to catch up" over and over again.... It happened again today. I need to lose about 30-40# but that doesn't help!


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