May 29, 2009

Financial Checkup Friday

Posting this so that you guys can hold me accountable. Financial notes this week:

*Made an extra payment on our 5.55 acres of land. The payment reduced the loan amount by 1/3!!

*Called to get a life insurance quote from the company who I have car insurance with. No huge surprise, the company Dave Ramsey recommends is cheaper for the exact same product.

*Went birthday shopping for my nephew and we over budget - the dino pjs were calling my name!!

*Jay volunteered to drive the trusty toyota two days this week - he knew he'd be driving a lot and wanted to save on gas.

*We decided to wait a month or two on opening the Roth Iras. Jay's pretty good about watching the stock market and said that this month it had its yearly high this month. Rather than a sign of market recover, he thinks it'll go back down and we'll buy then.

*I was doing really well on my "no household shopping" week until I took a 2nd look at the Kroger paper last night, so I'm grocery shopping on a Friday. I hope they aren't out of everything.


  1. Good for you - you are doing great!

  2. Awesome job!!! The extra payment on the land is amazing!!! Keep me posted on the IRA thing...I've wanted to open one also.

    Oh, and thanks for praying for my dad a few weeks back...he just got his test results and they were better than we could have imagined :-)

  3. WTG.. gotta love those extra payments!!! I pay alil extra every month on our house & w/in a few months I am a whole month ahead.. sometimes more. (unfortunately that doesn't last too long as we end up 'needing' to use it)

    keep posting about the IRA I am clueless but want to learn more! being self employed I need help!!

    I splurge on the neices & nephews too!

  4. You and Jay are seriously the most budget conscious people I know! You guys rock, I really wish Hubs and I would get on that bandwagon. :)

  5. You are doing great! I wish we had 5.5 acres.

  6. I am impressed! This is a great list of accomplishments.

  7. I would have to go over budget on those PJ's too! ;)

  8. I popped over from Mari's and wanted to say hi, rather than just dropping in and saying nothing.

    The dino pj' boy still wears dino pj's, so I completely understand, and the other one used to, and he was more dinosaur obsessed than his younger brother.

    It looks like you're doing a fantastic job with your budget, especially as a young married couple. Great work!

  9. wow you are doing so great with your budget...amazing!
    way to go on the extra payment...makes such a difference!!


  10. That's awesome - I really need to get on this budget wagon and start saving some mula. I'm a spender like NO OTHER.

    I have a giveaway if you're interested!


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