May 14, 2009

Wally World Adventures

Two months ago, a friend and I decided to run a 5K. We had no time goals; we only wanted to complete the 3.1 mile run without walking. Since we both accomplished that earlier this month, we decide it was time for us to modify our workouts.

Last night was the dreaded long run - 4 miles. Honestly I was so comfortable with my 3 miles, I didn't expect this to be a problem but it was still a little daunting. The track where we run is 0.6 miles around. In order to get my 4 miles in I'd have to do 7 laps!

Unfortunately last week, my MP3 player died. A lot of you are moms so I'm sure you can't relate - but do you know how weird it is to have 50 minutes with nothing but the thoughts in your head and your prayers to God? It was definitely something I'm not use to.

My running buddy kept telling me to go buy a new one, but she is more free with her money than me. Its an interesting friendship, because she's also the friend that lets me know when vitamin water is on sale for $1 and we have $1 off coupons.
She must not understand I just can't fork out $200 for a new MP3 player.

Earlier yesterday, I received an email from Walmart letting me know that my site to store Jillian Michaels 30 day shred had arrived. So after my run, I headed on over to Wally World to pick it up.

I was hot, sweaty, and exhausted so I had no patience having to wait for 15 minutes for someone to help me. I touched the "press here for service" button three times (I waited about 5 minutes after pushing it to push it again) before the assistant manager of the store showed up.

It surprised me, but I didn't even get an "I'm sorry for your wait." Maybe I'm too old school, but if they have a station that's not manned and I have to press a button for someone to help me - their first statement to me should be "I'm sorry for your wait" whether i was there 2 minutes or 20."

I collected my video and moved on, stopping first in the weights section. I had no clue what weight to start with, but I wanted to check prices. The thought of forking over $14 for 5 pounders was too much for me, so I figured Mr. Right and I would proceed with our chat/PowerAde plan.

Just for kicks and giggles I went into electronics to check out their MP3 players. I was shocked and disgusted at the price. Sure the Ipods were still a couple hundred dollars, but most of the other brands were all under $100.

I picked up a RCA (not a name brand, but at least a recognizable name - our last one was a Sansa, who's heard of them?) 1 GB player for $20. That's 10% of what I gave for one two years ago. Of course I snatched it up.

I was a little worried about what Mr. Right would say about it; I've been on a bit of a spending spree lately. First the $45 on new workout attire, then the $10 on my Shred video, now another $20 on the MP3 player.

When he questioned me, I let him know that I had more than enough "dip" money to cover it. Dip money is where I track how much he wastes on tobacco and then allow myself to blow the same amount on whatever I want. The only problem is typically I'm too cheap. I currently have $124 in dip money saved up. Well $94 now :P

He said that he thought he could fix the old one, but when he found out how cheap the new one was we agreed it was worth it so that we could have two. One at the house for him to use when he mows, and one here at work for when I run.

Not sure what you should take away from this post, but I'll try to wrap it up nicely in bullet points.

*If you choose walmart site to store, you'll save $3 in shipping but don't have a plane to catch. You'll probably work for your savings.

*Running 4.2 miles is exhausting sweaty work. Adding a 20 minute shred working out after ward is even more exhausting.

*MP3 players have significantly come down in value.

*Don't use tobacco products or else you're opening yourself up for your spouse to blow hundreds of dollars a year on workout gear when that free t-shirt in the closet would have done the job.


  1. lovely post... I dispise that place & only go when I have to. wow you did ALOT last nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same fund :) I hate to love it but it sure comes in handy!!

  2. Way to go on the 4 miles! and on a track! I'm hoping to be able to do that by the end of next month, but I can't do tracks...give me crazy hills but with changing scenery any day.

  3. I'm addicted to the xxx vitamin water...sad, really. It tastes like a melted grape popsicle and it's $1 per bottle. But I am a sucker for it.

  4. Good lessons. I think service has gone down at Wally World - it's like they don't care. I would start off on 3 lb weights for the shred...your arms will thank you.

  5. Yeah for 4 miles! I'm impressed. My daughter got the Shred DVD and after doing it last night for the first time, she said she thought she would die! She's doing it again tonight though!

  6. Haha!!! This is so perfect, too. We used to do the if-you-spend-x-dollars-i-spend-x-dollars-too...but then we were left with nothing, haha! Glad that works for you AND that you found a cheap Mp3 player!

  7. Hee hee! You are SUPER frugal my dear! I don't think your hubby has anything to complain about!

    Isn't that 30 Day Shred video a killer!?! For a while there I was doing it 3-4 times a week, but I've slacked off since we all got sick last month and haven't done it since. I can't imagine doing it every day for 30 days! I miss it though, gonna get back to it soon!


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