May 27, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday

I didn't realize that even though we were in between challenges we were still weighing in over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! Thankfully I got on the scales this morning any way.

End of challenge weight: 132.0
This week: 130.8*

*Okay if I'm honest I don't remember if it was 0.8 or 0.6, but I'll go with the higher number to be on the save side. I was just so excited to be so close to the 120s!!

I started level 2 of the shred yesterday and it was much harder than level 1. Maybe because I took two days off after my big hike. Maybe because it was 82 degrees in my house**. Or maybe its just harder (duh - I did go up a level after all). Although I wasn't sore again today, I did have problems with some of the moves.

**Jay & I are the cheapest people on the planet. We're pushing ourselves as far as we can go before turning on the a/c. Our electric bill has thanked us - last month was only $28 and this month was $37.

I don't think I'm doing that plank/ab move right though, because it felt easy peasy. I'm not vain enough to think that it was easy because I'm that good, so I must be off on form or something.

Just a weird self perception thing: as I was doing the plank moves, I got so disgusted with my body. I hated looking down at my fat, orange peel legs. HOWEVER after the workout was over, I took off my t-shirt because it was drenched in sweat and caught a glimpse of myself in just my sports bra and shorts. I thought I was pretty hot! :) Hot enough that I walked around that way till Jay got home.

How crazy is it that I went from one extreme to another in less than 30 minutes?


  1. I go from one extreme to another quite often...I think it's part of being female and body conscious!

    Congratulations, by the way. You're rocking it!

  2. Good for you! You are doing great!

  3. Good for you ~ you're SO close!!! You've done so well. Isn't it great to notice those changes in our bodies? I definitely feel the change in the way my clothing fits and other people have commented on how I look thinner, but so far, I don't really see a difference myself. Hmmm, maybe THAT will be the incentive to start shredding with everyone else!

  4. Oh man, I'm gonna have to whip out that DVD and start doing it again. For some reason it seems like a lot more fun to go outside and pull weeds than to workout in the house when it's SO beautiful outside!

  5. Look at you GO!! I am so proud of you, Brooke!! :o)

    I'd have to watch you do the plank move to know if you're doing it right, but it could be that you just have really strong abs! You could try substituting a harder ab move if you like! Let me know and we can find one for you!

  6. Again I am so proud of you. You have done awesome. Like you I am holding off on the ole AC as long as possible. I hate to hear the thing running!

  7. you deserve a big ole ATTA GIRL!!! I fluctuate that way ALOT.. but I tend to have momentary 'hot' thoughts & alot more 'ewwwwy' ones LOL

    keep it up!

  8. Great job! I'm sure you look fantastic, but I feel the same way about my body too...I think it's a woman thing. :)

  9. I could never deal with that heat, let alone work out in it!!!!
    Our final session in our Fruit of the Spirit study was on self controll, but it was funny how her message was geared more to how we are "in bondage" in respect to body image. Her encouragement was to learn the phrase, "That's enough for now". This prase was to be used in regaurd to food and exercise. She encouraged us to eat/ exercise then move on. It was a very helpful perspective for me.
    You are doing a great job! I am glad you are seeing results!

  10. We haven't turned out air on either, but thankfully I work out in the basement so it's not as hot there. Great job getting to level 2..keep it up!!!

  11. LOL! I love that you waited around for Jay to see you in the sports bra and shorts! AWESOME!! ;)

  12. I haven't even started the Shred. I bought it then hurt my back! Good excuse. And I wish my electric bill was as low as yours. Mine is running 130 and it's not even July!!! Also this was the lamest field day ever. The only events that were even field events were the sack races and tug-o-war. The other stuff was terrible and no they didn't do the three legged race, wish they had. That would have made for some great pics.

  13. I did level 2 last night with my sis and it was crazy hard, even though I've completed the challenge, it felt like the first time! For the plank twist move (last circut abs) make sure your booty is down. Brent says I keep mine up and thats when I think its easy.

    I also hear my lovely inner thighs slap together for all the stupid jumping moves, talk about self-conscience but then when I'm done, its like "Hellz-ya!" hahah, so you are not alone :)


  14. Great job! I did the level 2 today for the first time and I didn't think the last plank/ ab was hard either, but I also think its because I was to high up and needed to lower my hiney some.

    Oh I had to laugh about your AC bill, your defiently not in Texas!! I think ours was about 240 last month, eek!


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