May 08, 2009

Friday Free for All

1. A friend deleted the corrupt files off my MP3 and now I can load it up with some great workout music.

2. I was measured yesterday before my total body toning class and in 6 weeks I’ve lost a ½ inch from each leg – in the saddle bag area. That means I’ve lost an inch from the widest part of my body!

3. I love a clean house – scrubbing the shower Wednesday sucked, but I went to bed happy to have everything in its place.

4. I might be slightly mentally unstable for being that happy about a tidy house.

5. I hate drivers that go 40 MPH in a 45, and I almost called the “how am I driving” number on the back of the van to let his company know. I didn’t because I was afraid it would get him a pat on the back.

6. I went to bed at 8:30 last night because there wasn’t anything good on TV – it wasn’t even completely dark yet outside!

7. I forgot to set my alarm last night, and only by the grace of God woke up when I did (7:50).

8. Because I woke up 20 minutes late I didn’t have time to wash/dry my hair. Shhh, don’t tell my coworkers. Hopefully they can’t tell/smell it.

9. I’m going to try and run until I can’t any more this weekend. I wonder if I could do 4 or 5 or 6 miles??

10. I’m also going to run 1 mile as fast as possible tonight, just for kicks and giggles.

11. I’m having McDonalds for lunch. Shhh, don’t tell my shrinking jeans sisters. In my defense I’m working into my calories for the day.

12. Today is our 6th monthiversary. Mr. Right and I were married 6 months ago today. To celebrate, we’re having tacos for dinner. Aren’t we romantic?

13. Tomorrow I’m finally getting out my summer PJs – no more borrowing Mr. Right’s boxers to sleep in, then getting depressed that they fit me!

14. I still don’t know what I’m cooking my mom for her mother’s day meal, but have already given her gift to her.

So what’s up with you this weekend??


  1. Congrats on losing an inch!!! That is so awesome!!!
    And congrats on your 6 months...tacos are special when they are made with love :-)

  2. You are not unstable for liking a clean house. I love it to. Especially the bathroom. Remember I live with three boys! One word...GROSS!!!

  3. Yeah for you - saddlebags are my nemesis! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. YEAHHHH for losing inches!!

    I'm the same way about my house...and when it's dirty, it makes me CRANKY.

    Have a good one!

  5. WOW WHAT A LIST!!! I LOVED IT!!! most plans say you should have one day where you cheat so consider this it :) enjoy it!! you are crazy w/your running!! can't wait to have you shredding w/me!!

  6. Happy 6 month anniversary. You're still newlyweds! Congrats on losing 1 inch too - that's great!

  7. Oh I love a tidy house too. That is nice that you are cooking for you Mom, how sweet. Let us know how the running goes. You are doing awesome, girl!


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