May 05, 2009



Lora has so generously passed along a gratitude/great attitude award! Not sure she would have passed it along if she were a friend in real life – but I’ll still take it. (I just noticed Jeannie passed it along as well!)

You see, sometimes I feel pretty crappy. Mr. Right has done something stupid or else the Pill just makes me wonky. I have everything planned out in my mind just like I was a lawyer. Ready to blog and present the evidence on how person X is a jerk.

Only I don’t.

Mostly because I present the me I want to be in this blog. Sort of cheating – but I hope it has the “fake it till you make it” result.

It seems to be working. When I started this blog I didn’t consider myself strong or sexy, and I certainly didn’t push myself when it came to being smart.

Emotionally I still may not be the strongest person in the world, but I’m getting physically stronger. I’ve moved up to using 10 lb dumbbells for bicep work during my toning classes. We do very high rep, so I’m quite proud. (As a point of reference, the She-Ra in our classes uses 12-15 lb weights.)

Not to mention the “strengthening” my lungs are doing right now. Asthma girl can run for 30 minutes without stopping. Without an inhaler. My ex-smoker friend still has a greater lung capacity than me, but she did when she was smoking too.

Setting goals and achieving them has given me confidence – I fulfilled my childhood dream of being a pro-wrestling valet. I accomplished everything on my bucket list – before I turned 30! Not to mention the 5K.

Is there anything sexier than a woman who’s confident?

I’m supposed to pass this along to 10 deserving bloggers. So I nominate you. Yes, you. Enjoy!


  1. Congrats - you deserve it!

  2. Awesome! I am so impressed that you have your bucket list done before 30. I wish I could say the same, lol!

  3. I've been on your blog maybe 10 minutes and I can see that you deserve such an award! Congrats!

  4. Congrats - you have a fantastic attitude about life!

  5. Congrats! You're a great inspiration to the rest of us!

    Hey, I did a little shout out to you on my blog today. :)

  6. you absolutly deserve that go girl!

    10 pounders goooood job!!!



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