June 04, 2009

Meet the Newlyweds!

Sweet Pea over at Newlyweds! interviewed me for this week for her weekly "Meet the Newlyweds" feature. Head on over here and check it out.

She's a fellow sister, but has a bit of color confusion - because team maroon rocks!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. We went to Dollywood last night, so I'm hoping to have the video of us on the teacups ready for you guys to watch tomorrow. Be sure to have your Dramamine on hand!

Also, we had a push up competition at work today and I won for the girls - I did 35 full push ups!!! I have a feeling they won't let me do modified for my assessment after this.


  1. Good job on the pushups! I'm going to check out your interview.

  2. 35? WOW - you're my hero. That's awesome.

  3. very cool interview & on the pushups!!! you rock!!

  4. Snuggle and Huggle? Too cute!! I call it Snoozeling (snoozing + Snuggling), haha :)

    And holy push-ups!! I'm up to 10 now, I started out being able to only do 2!
    ~ Katie


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