June 26, 2009


Sorry about that. Please know right away that this blog might not make the best sense.

Our air conditioning went out on Wednesday night, and we were told someone would be at the house after 5PM last night to fix it. It got up to 87 degrees in the house last night.

87 degrees.

I sat on the couch most of the night with a fan pointed right at my face. I barely motivated myself enough to cook dinner and do dishes. By bed time, there was still no sign of him. I shut all the windows and headed for bed.

At 10:30 we got the call.

That's 10:30 PM. He was on his way and needed directions.

I woke up about 2 AM and the house was still hot and sticky, so I woke Jay up. Apparently even though Jay had told them what was wrong, dude didn't have the proper part.

I had went to bed in PJs since there would be a strange man in my home, although I considered PJs over dressed for 87 degree sleeping. All of that and he still didn't fix it.

As I lay in bed at 2 AM sweating, I got to thinking about the Lost season finale. (I just finished watching it last night). I got worried that the fake Locke would come after me.

Give me a break - it was really hot and I had gotten very little sleep.

Finally I decided that I'd die of a heat stroke long before Locke, or the creepy 10 PM air conditioning repair man got me, so I fell back asleep. Only to have to drag myself out of bed this morning and into the shower.

I think I must be insane. 86 degrees in the house and yet I still use a hair dryer. I did, however, have to put my makeup on in the car because I didn't have time to do it at home.

I still haven't gotten around to using my straightening iron yet...


  1. You poor thing! That is just miserable. I hope it gets fixed soon. I would hate for Jay and you to end up as puddles on the floor.

  2. Hope it's fixed soon. That is not a good feeling - sleeping in your own sweat. Ugh. And fake John Locke is creepy.

  3. What a night! It's worse when you think there is relief in sight and it never comes!

  4. When we lived in New Hampshire and didn't have AC and the humidity was nasty, everyone thought I was nuts for using a hair dryer. But I thought it made the humidity feel 10 times worse to walk around with wet hair. It was worth the 5 minutes of hot air to avoid the extra humidity following me around! Hope you get that AC fixed soon - but look at it this way, when your body has to reulate its own temp your metabolism speeds up!

  5. Okay, I meant REGULATE its own temp - can't type today! :)

  6. ugh that really stinks for you!! hopefully its nice & cool when you get home today!!

  7. Wow, that's toasty! During the day it's almost bearable, but sleeping like that is just horrid. I hope he comes back today to fix it for real!

  8. Fake Lock - LOL! You better sleep with one eye open! He's creepy

  9. That finale was so good! That fake Locke is scary. I just love that show!


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