June 03, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday: Go Team Maroon!!

Today is the first day of the new challenge.

Starting weight: 133

Yep, that's right - I've gained 2.5 pounds since last week. I'm hoping some of that is water. Or PMS. Or anything but the piece of chocolate cake I had this weekend.

This challenge is gonna start out rocky for me. I had a birthday party for my nephew on Saturday, and a for a friend on Sunday. Not to mention all the stuff my husband has planed for my birthday this weekend.

(Sweetie, are you reading this? You do have things planned right? Don't forget to get me a card and present - go to the Dollar Tree today if you have to. I just want something to open on my birthday.)

Ahem, where were we?

Oh yeah, me griping because I'm only 5 pounds from my fast food/couch potato diet. I'm a month away from my next assessment where I get measured and use the body fat calculator. Which means for the next 4 weeks the scale is all I have to go by.

I just hope my team members don't kick me off for bad behavior.


  1. You can TOTALLY do it! And seriously fitness/health does not go by the number on the scale!

  2. YEAH!! Sweetie, get Brooke something FABULOUS for her birthday!!!

    As for the weigh in, we are all in this together. Team Maroon has your back!

  3. Good luck I know you can do it! And hubby better have something great for your birthday!

  4. Good luck to you. I know we are going on vacation next weekend and I am worried I will totally splurge.

  5. Gains happen! Its ok, were a team and we will do great!!!!!
    Good on you for knowing what went wrong! I love the couch too, mine is so big and fluffy, I can lay and eat all day, lol!


  6. You are too funny! And who cares if it's from one piece of cake (it was only 1 right?), you had fun and you weren't totally out of control.

    Good luck!

  7. Count it as PMS. I cannot IMAGINE how one piece of chocolate cake could do that. ;) Chocolate is good, right?

    Good luck, Brooke!

  8. I love the aside to your husband! You're doing great Brooke, and headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

  9. Am I allowed to cheer for the other teams? I'm going to anyway ;) Go Brooke, Go! You can do it!

    ...and happy birthday!

  10. I get worried about special events too. My sister is getting married on the 13th and we'll be by my parents all week next week...and they're snackers. I'm really going to have to watch it!! ;)

  11. Good luck my frinemy ;) You are going to awesome!!! Keep up your good work and you will accomplish anything!

    BUT... I can't promise not to lose more weight than your team ;)


  12. I'm with you on the rocky start. My B'day is tomorrow so we will have events for it through the weekend and I have a team outing on Friday. My goal is to just be concious of what I eat (and drink LOL!).

    go team maroon!!!

  13. Don't be discouraged! Keep doing what you need to do til your next assessment. The scale isn't the end all be all of fitness success!

    And an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

  14. Well, let me be the first to say...

    Team PURPLE rocks!!! ;)

    You DO have a week full of challenges ahead but envision how proud of yourself you'd be if you'd be able to tell everyone you actually managed to LOSE weight during your birthday week. AND THEN BE THAT PERSON!!

    I know you can do it!!

  15. you will recover! keep moving!

  16. It is SO great having the support behind us with these teams. GO PINK!! :) By the way, Happy Birthday this weekend! Good luck with the challenge.
    Michelle B.

  17. It happens! The most important thing is to start again, and you are. Nice job!

  18. You can do it...give yourself some slack, your birthday is coming up. I agree it was the PMS.

  19. Keep going, girl! You are doing great and are a wonderful support to all the Sisters!!

    HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY and I hope your hubby gets you something extra special! ;o)

  20. I highly doubt that piece of cake did it. It's probably a number of factors. No worries!! You'll get it off soon!!

    I hope you have a happy, happy birthday, Brooke!!!

    Oh yeah, and

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You better look out
    TEAM BLACK is coming after YOU.


  21. Happy birthday!!

    Good luck and I am going to be tempted alot this next week too. My daughter's birthday and we are going out of town. Yikes!!

  22. hahaha! kicked off for bad behavior, i hope the same for myself! Happy Birthday week! I'm with the others, I don't think one little piece of cake can do that. That's gotta be water/slash/PMS. It'll go away! Good luck!!!

  23. I hope you get something AWESOME for your birthday, Brooke!!!

    Good luck with all the challenges you'll face this weekend! I know you can stay strong and come out next week with a loss!!


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