June 16, 2009

Reading through the Bible

Last month I started a read the Bible through in a year program, which includes one Old Testament and New Testament scripture each day, plus a Psalm, and a verse or two in Proverbs.

Last week I came across a verse that seems fitting for our financial situation today:

Proverbs 12:9 Douay-Rheims Bible translation is "Better is the poor man that provideth for himself, than he that is glorious and wanteth bread."

People were so consumed (and to an extent still are) about having the latest and greatest and making sure the Jones's think his home is glorious they neglected making sure they had their daily bread.

Isn't it amazing how relevant the Bible is, all these years after it was written?

I was reading in Numbers, bored by all of the tribal census information. Then, out of the blue, a donkey talked (Balaam & his donkey, Numbers 22). So much for my thoughts that the Old Testament is dull!

In other news - my nephew had tubes put in his ears this morning. My sister called and they are already on their way home from the hospital. She said he was grumpy, hungry and drunk. He really is a little Irishman just like his daddy!


  1. Awww...I hope your nephew gets better!

    That verse reminds me of another one...can't remember where it comes from, Proverbs or Psalms...(how sad is that?) about don't give me too little because I may end up stealing, but don't make me too wealthy because I may turn my back away from You. =)

  2. Haha, a little drunk Irishboy! Poor guy ~ I hope this will fix his ear infections.

    I'm purposely reading through the Bible for the first time EVER in my life (I'm on a two-year plan and I started at the beginning of last year, so I'm in the homestretch now!) and I'm ashamed to admit there are passages, stories, and whole books that I'd never read before. It's quite an amazing story. I did struggle with Numbers though ~ the lists and the repetition. Did no one know how to write, "To the tribe of Judah, this, this, and this, and to other other eleven tribes they did the same!"?

    You're right about relevancy though, that's for sure. Haha, just wait until you read Solomon's thoughts on gluttony!!

  3. Thanks for your prayers! I'll be praying for you're nephew also.

    My Bible study is currently working through Proverbs and it's wonderful! Solomon imparts so much wisdom!

  4. I'm reading in the Old Testament too and there are some really interesting things there!

  5. Thanks for sharing that verse! It is also appropriate for my husband and I right now!

    I'm stopping by from SITS! I hope your today is better than yesterday!

  6. I am always amazed at how God brings things out in His word!

  7. I like your method of tackling a big project a little bit at a time. And it is enlightening how that verse rings true today.

  8. Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day!

  9. I'm reading that exact same plan I believe! I started it in January and so far I'm sticking with it. I have had to play catch up a few times, but as of right now, I'm all caught up!

    Did you know there is a blog to go with it? There's always some interesting thoughts on the day's readings.

    Check it out at http://www.oneyearbibleblog.com/

  10. I gave myself the deadline of reading through the Bible before I had kids, so that when they ask if I've read the whole thing I can honestly say yes. lol

    Anyway, having tried and failed at that task in the past I decided to take one of those 1 year guide thingies and extend it to 2 years by reading the NT one year, and the OT the second year. And I did it!!

    One thing that helped me stick with it was to be ok with the fact that I wouldn't get to my reading every single day, but that if I skipped I'd have to catch up one way or another and just spend extra time reading later on. There were some times when I'd only get to it once a week, and then spend a couple hours catching up, but that was ok because I was still doing it rather than giving up! Also getting ALL of the NT read the first year gave me a ton of motivation to get the OT read.

    Reading the entire Bible has given me a greater sense of the continuity of the book, and how God has such an amazing plan for the world and for each one of us.


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