June 10, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday

Its weigh in day over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. How'd you do today?

I'm a little bummed about this weeks weigh in although its not as bad as it could have been. My challenge numbers are going down - so at least I'm giving team maroon a tiny morsel. But my numbers from two weeks ago are still up.

Pre-challenge weight: 130.8
Last week: 133
This week: 132.4

I suppose any loss should make me happy, but I was counting on that two pound gain last week being PMS and easy to lose. Then again that makes this hut week (aka the week AF comes to visit) so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

Also, there was Sunday. It was my birthday and I didn't care. I ate probably 4-5 servings of mac & cheese. The homemade variety. Smothered in Velveeta cheese. I drank an entire bottle of wine. Had hot dogs for lunch and ramen noodles for dinner.

So its back at it this week. Running this evening then toning class and running tomorrow. I've got a yard sale on Saturday, so I'll probably shred Friday night to give me extra time to prepare for the sale(the a/c is coming on tonight so it won't be as miserable).

I'm slightly concerned about the pot luck family reunion on Sunday. It'll be hard to resist. I'm starting to get to the point that I think I'll never make it into the 120s so giving up and enjoying myself seems to be the best option. However, I can't let team maroon down!!


  1. It's always EASIEST to give up ~ but that doesn't get us anywhere or make us stronger. Choose the hard road and you'll have something to be truly proud of. You can do it!

    But then again, if you're not going to beat Team PURPLE anyway, you may as well just quit now...


  2. Oooh -- mac and cheese. I don't blame you. If it were my birthday, I'd be eating everything I wanted, too!!

  3. Homemade mac & cheese? I just drooled on my desk. I know what I'm making for dinner.

  4. It was your birthday - you're allowed to enjoy. Maybe it's water retention from the salty stuff (hot dogs and ramen will do that to you).

  5. You wont be letting us down, TEAM MAROON WILL BE WINNERS! Your Birthday is your day, dont feel guilty for enjoying it! HUGS!

  6. Enjoy your life, don't get too hung up on diets, they simply tend to deprive our needs which creates bigger problems than a couple of pounds.

  7. Oooh, I can't remember the last time I had mac & cheese (real or otherwise). Have fun on your run tonight!

  8. OK and I mean this not because I'm on another team haha -- you have to get a free pass on your birthday. Mac and Cheese and a bottle of wine??? Sweet!

    But you're doing great anyway, you still making progress!! Not that your starting weight is bad or anything, I'd give my left foot for that! And if I did I would probably lose the weight I need to be at your weight! Except that it's a little creepy so nevermind. Ok I'm rambling. Cheers to you, happy birthday!

  9. You get a pass on your birthday. 'Nuff said.

    I think you did a great job!! Keep up the good work, friend!

  10. You lost! YES!!! So happy for you! :)

    PS: Happy belated birthday!

  11. congratulations on NOT gaining this week!! It's all good if the scale goes down ... at least I try to tell myself that and after a year of the scale going up, I am believing it at the moment!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday ...

  12. Stay focused! You can do it! Good luck with the pot luck dinner thing. I can never resist my mother in laws chicken and dumplings and when we have family dinners that is just what she makes!

  13. You still had a loss after macaroni and cheese? That's great! Focus on the positive....bigger losses will soon happen!

    Sodium is the devil....


  14. well congrats on no weight gain!!! ooohh mac and cheese my favorite!!!


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