October 26, 2010

The One Where You Give Me Advice - the Halloween Edition

Help!  I'm going to a Halloween party this weekend and I still don't have a costume.

I hit up my local discount stores at lunch today and the selection is pretty poor.  Unless I want to pay $20 for the privilege of being a "Twilight Vampiress", a rebel fairy, or Lady Gaga (which I don't) then I'm out of luck.

Right now I'm considering one of the following choices.  Please vote for your favorite.  Or even better, leave a suggestion of a cool costume I can piece together with the stuff I have at home.

1) 80's girlHow to accomplish: Hair teased and put in pony tail on the side of my head
blue eyeshadow and pink lip gloss
black tank top, layered under black tee torn to fall off one shoulder.
Denim mini with black leggings
Jellies-eque heels
Possible problems: exposed legs, cold arms

2) CowgirlHow to accomplish:Cowboy hat
Plaid shirt
Denim skirt (or jeans)
Possible problems:  Mistaken for my regular wardrobe, exposed legs
3) Brett Favre caught with his pants downHow to accomplish:

Favre Jersey
Cell phone pointed toward crotch
tiny shorts to be worn (unseen) under jersey
Possible problems: fellow party goers don't know who Brett Favre is, exposed legs

4) John Cena
How to accomplish:

Throwback jersey (Lou Gehrig in my case)
Matching hat
Hubby's denim shorts
Tennis sweat bands
Possible problems: Mistaken for Eminem.

5) Fairy
How to accomplish:

Pink dress
Possible problems: cold arms, exposed legs.  what for shoes?

6) Miss TennesseeHow to accomplish:

formal gown (I have a 50s style)
heavy makeup
Possible problems: how to make sash?

So that's my list of ideas.  What do you think?  Which is your favorite?  Or do you have a great idea that would be easy for me to put together.  Please dish!!


  1. #6 You can buy wide ribbon (or use a thin plastic table cloth) then stencil or write w/sharpie right on it.

  2. I say Miss Tennessee or 80's girl :) I like the Brett Favre idea, but that's cuz I know who he is.

  3. Tie between #1 and #6! I love anything 80's. And I was going to say the same thing about a sash - use a wide ribbon or get some cheap satin-like fabric. And you could use glitter and glue on it too!

  4. # 1 or # 6 because they would be super easy and people would know what you were trying to be.

    Brett Favre would be hilarious but you really don’t think people know who he is? I assume any non-football fan would know him over any other player.

  5. Even *I* know who Brett Favre is, but I didn't know about the "caught with his pants down" scenario. I have no idea who John Cena is, on the other hand.

    My vote would be for #6 - glam sounds fun! If you go with #1, I'm not sure about what to do re: the cold arms - maybe a bomber-style jacket or denim jacket? (I dressed "preppy" rather than "Flashdance" in the 80s.) Go with leg warmers would keep the exposed legs nice and toasty.

  6. No. 3. MOST DEFINITELY No. 3. That is stinking hilarious.

    I have a friend from Ohio who is going as the turkey from "Thankskilling." Whhhaaattt? You've never heard of this movie? Google it and watch the trailer.

  7. Okay, #3 is pretty funny. And I'll bet you'd be adorable as a fairy or an 80's girl.

    Another idea that I have used in the past (but it is NOT without hazards) - bunch of grapes. Green or black sweats, lots of purple or green balloons blown up and attached to said sweats, leaf hat made of felt, twirly "vines" made of pipe cleaners.

  8. I say Miss Tennessee. Go to Hobby Lobby or as my husband calls it, hell and buy wide white ribbon in the fabric section and with homecomming you shouldn't have a problem. And then you can use puff paint with the glitter already in it and do the wording. You better post pictures! Or the 80's girl would be good too.

  9. I also say Miss Tennessee - Sash is very easy. I see you have already been given some tips!
    Don't forget to post a picture of whatever you choose!

  10. OMG, you could be Brett Favre!! That is hilarious!

    If I didn't already have a costume, I would totally steal that!

    I am going as Paula Dean - I have lots of butter wrappers I am going to staple to my shirt, I have a white wig, have big fake eye lashes and will wear lots of makeup - of course, speaking in a southern drawal all day! :D

  11. They all sound great! You have great ideas & got a lot of advice already, but I'l go ahead & tell you what I did the last couple of years that were both easy:

    Laundry ~ I used a pop-up hamper that was already torn & cut the bottom out for my legs. Then, I took random pieces of clothing & safety-pinned them to the hamper. I just wore sweats & was nice and warm!

    Gift bag ~ I used a big gift bag, again cutting out the bottom. I altered the handles to work as straps & stapled tissue paper all around the top edge. I wore a white long-sleeve t-shirt to match the tissue paper & black leggings.

  12. Miss Tenn!!! I think that would be awesome!

  13. Definitely 80s girl.

  14. I go for Miss Tennessee..you already have a crown! Just find some wide ribbon or cut an old pillowcase on an angle!


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