October 07, 2010

Things that make my heart sing

Before I went to weights class I told Lora I'd link up to Thursday's 10.  Then I went to class wore my new size XS Nike sleeveless top...and spent most of the classing looking like Dora the Explorer. 

While the top fit me perfectly everywhere from the belly button up, it didn't like my hip area all that much and kept riding up to my mid section.  Seriously am I banished to a world of loose t-shirts for the rest of my life? 

I'm glad I committed to this list because I need to focus on the positive instead of something so trivial.

  1. A roaring fire in my fireplace.

One benefit of a 100+ year old house is a wood burning fireplace.  And a husband who's willing to do the hard labor to make that fire happen.  Which brings me to...

2. The Mutant

He loves me unbelievably.  When the 7:55 PM alarm goes off and I'm too lazy to get up and take my pill, he gets into my purse, brings me my pill and a beverage.   He works both smarter and harder to provide for our family.  When I want to spend time with my family, not only does he not complain, he's exited to get the opportunity too.

Which leads me to...

3.  My niece and nephew

In the picture is the Mutant, the Little Man and the Irishman (my BIL).  Those kids are wonderful.  You know that.  I could go on for days but I'll just say that I have the best. niece & nephew. ever.

4. Reading

I love books. I'm currently reading Mockingjay, the 3rd in the Hunger Games triology.  I haven't plowed through this one the same as I did the other two, but mostly because I'm afraid of how its going to end. 

 I'm team Peeta and am terrified that she's going to end up with Gayle .  Or that the Capital will win and they'll all die.  Or something even worse that I haven't thought of yet.

These books are good.  I was leery at first, given the disturbing premise of the book.  A friend insisted and once I got into the first few chapters and really got to know the characters I was hooked.

5. Hiking

I've told the Mutant before - I'm blessed, he's smart.  I'm blessed because I was born in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He's smart because of all the places in the country he chose here to live.  (And smart for choosing me :P)

Of course the picture leads me to...

6. My friends. 

Family is great, but they are stuck with me.  Its great knowing that I have wonderful ladies out there that spend time with me not because they have to or are obligated to, but because they choose to.  Friends to talk you out of through a stupid idea.  Friends that encourage you when you've had a bad day.  Friends who interview potential boyfriends to make sure they are worthy.  (FYI - They only interviewed one and he passed.)

7. Running

That should go without saying.  But I heart it too much not to mention it.  Its good therapy.  It provides me with countless non scale victories (which are crucial since yall have banned me from getting on the scale).  Its why I will be able to enjoy retirement by hiking the Appalachian Trail.  (Lord willing and the creek don't rise.) 

8.  Toasted Almond Iced Coffee w/skim milk and 2 splendas
(Dunkin Donuts)

Yum!  My sister got me a NY Yankee reusable cup when she was headed home from Cape Cod this summer.  Since its an official Dunkin cup I just get charged $1 for a refill whenever I use it.

9. Shoes. 
I love shoes.  I typically wear pumps, but have a pair or two of "f" me heels.  I had a lady comment that I was dressed down because I was wearing flats with a dress - in a work place where cargo khakis and baby tees are common place. 

Don't get me wrong I love my flats too.  And my tennies.  And my flops. 

*Note to self - take picture of kick-a shoe shelving system that the mutant built me.*

10. The Internet

I can't choose which I like better: blogs, twitter, facebook, message boards.  I've met quite a few online friends IRL.  I'm thankful for the love and support I get from all of you.

If only I had a home computer that could go wireless so I could enjoy you from my front porch swing...


  1. I love your list! I think I could "me too" that list...er, substituting my own mutant, of course, for item #2. I love our fireplace, too - it takes the dampness out of our house and makes it smell so good! (And isn't it great that all boys are pyros at heart, so we don't have to maintain said fires or fireplaces? ;-)

    And that picture of your porch? I think my blood pressure went down a few ticks just glancing at it. Amazingly beautiful!!!

  2. I love, love, love this post! I do have to admit that I'm a bit jealous about the picture of the porch and swing. I would love that!

  3. Great list. I love the $1 refills and can't wait to hear what you think of Mockingjay. I finished it last week.

  4. LOL! Love the pic of you and Jay in jail, haha!

  5. Oh my goodness. LOVE all the things you are thankful for. I always get coconut coffee but tomorrow I will try almond inspired by you : )

  6. Great list! & I'm totally trying that coffee next time I'm near a Dunkin Donuts!

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post!!

  8. i have so many that i could just say ditto too.

  9. love the list! there is a fireplace pretty much directly next to my bed, and i need to find out if it's in working order because i'm CRAVING that heat lately!

    it's gas...so no "roaring" fire, but i don't care :)

    thanks for playing along -- glad it worked out for you to help focus on positives :)

  10. Great list! I soooooooo want your front your porch!


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