October 05, 2010

The One Where You Give Me Advice

I've got a couple things to confess, then I've got a question for you.  M'kay?

True Confessions

  • Dinner last night was an epic fail.  The irony of the "what's for dinner?" crisis on the same day I posted about my monthly shopping hiatus wasn't lost on me.  More than anything, I was cozy in front of the fire (yes it was cool enough yesterday for my man to build a fire) and I didn't wanna move.

  • I included a race report with my thank you letter to the infusion nurses.I toyed with whether or not that was me being vain, but I decided that in order for them to see what a difference they made in my life, they had to see how much racing means to me.

  • I can't keep my house clean.
    At first I blamed myself.  I've been busy for the past few weeks and haven't gotten around to it.  Then last night I cleaned my bathrooms and straightened up the house.  Only to have Jay come behind me a couple hours later and mess it up again.  Hard to be motivated to clean when there are tobacco flecks in the floor 2 hours after sweeping it.

  • I'm participating in an indoor yard sale this weekend.Our local civic center hosts the sale twice a year.  Instead of pricing everything I'm going to label my 2 tables "everything this table $1" and "everything this table $0.50.  I'll be sending the money I make to Christie O's Preemie Project

  • I'm an anxious person by nature.
    I'd like that to stop please and thank you.

  • I have very few pants that fit me.
    At my biggest, I was a size 8.  All of those pants are packed up and under my bed for if I ever get pregnant.  You know that awkward time when you're too big for your regular stuff yet too small for maternity wear?  A friend suggested I keep my 8s for just such an occasion.

    At my smallest, I was a size 4. 

    Right now I'm more of a 6.  The problem?  I didn't buy very many 6s on the way down.  I kept holding out for the 4 so I wore my too big pants around with pride.

    Here's where you come in?  I don't know what to do.  I don't really want to get the 8s out for fear I'll just continue growing until they fit me properly.  I don't want to invest in 6s out of hope that with marathon training will come weight loss.  BUT I can't go around wearing too tight pants until that happens.

    Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated!


  1. ahhh, i'm kind of in the same boat. i wore OUT the jeans, etc, that were the size i am now while i was gaining my weight.

    so what i did last week was go spend $50 at goodwill and clothing xchange. bought some good quality stuff that only has to last me a few weeks/months (hopefully weeks!). and even bought a couple of pairs for the next size down since i wore those out too!


    i will donate or give to a friend these jeans since i won't be in them long.

    so that's what i'd do if i were you. go to goodwill :) or...i could lend you a few size 6 things! i'm a couple months away from them at LEAST. hoping to be there by christmas...

  2. If I were you, I'd take a trip to Yuppieville, visit one of those great thrift shops you know about, and get a couple extra pair of size 6s. Wearing pants that are too big for you will make you look bigger than you are, which will mess with your emotions when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. It's worth a few extra bucks to be comfortable in your own skin.

  3. chiming in w/them. go get a few pairs for now. you've earned them. & when they become too big, pack them away or pass them off. You deserve nice clothes that fit. & about the floors.. avert your eyes, remember that YOU just swept & it is FINE.

  4. Hit up ebay for jeans. When I was losing weight, I managed to get rid of my "big" pants on ebay (they were in great condition) and I still wear Gap jeans that I bought off of ebay. I'm cheap (or frugal, whatever.) I'm big on finding what I love in the store, and then shopping on Ebay for clothes that will fit!

  5. Goodwill is a great idea. I think regardless of where you get them you need to get a few pair!
    PS - the nurses will love the race report!

  6. Hmmm...clothing exchange? Garage sale? I say find some cheapos that you won't mind when they don't fit. And just add 'em to the "awkward pregnancy stage" pile when they're too big! I actually have lots of two sizes of pants in my closet (4s&6s interestingly enough, haha) because depending on what time of the month it is, I'm either one size or the other!

    And nope, no stencil, but I did print out sample fonts to copy from =)

  7. I'm agree with the group. Go out and buy a couple of pairs to get you through. Life's too short to wear tight pants or maybe you can look into pajama jeans (these crack me up!). ;)

  8. Why don't you hit up the yard sale for some pants? You need to get pants that fit!

  9. I concur with everyone: get thee some pants in the size you are now! (Goodwill, thrift shops, Yuppieville, etc.) Not a whole bunch, but just enough to not have to dig into the baggy pants.

    And how sweet, the indoor yard sale proceeds going to Christie O's Preemie Project! You rock!

  10. I agree with everybody ~ do a little thrift store shopping!

    RYC ~ yes, he was acting so serious! & who washes down brownies with Dr Pepper?! Umm...milk or coffee, right?! That's my mister!

  11. keep them. atleast a couple of pair. i hate when i throw things out like that and i put on some lbs and then wear tight jeans.

    i say keep them

  12. What about Freecycle in your area?? If you have one, sign up and see if someone is looking to give away size 6 pants. If not, see if you can find some on clearance at Target or Kohl's. You just never know!!!

  13. i can't offer any help on the pants, but just wanted to say hi while i had a minute. sorry i've been absent lately...lots going on in my world and i'm just trying to juggle it all!

    Hugs friend...stay warm!


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