October 22, 2010

Its so hard to say goodbye...


While that intro might have you thinking this is a "flashback Friday" post, I'm sorry to disappoint.  Please enjoy eavesdropping on this letter instead.

Dear Enclave at Cove Mountain,

When my husband first mentioned buying you at auction, I have to admit I was skeptical.  Was Jay really confident that he could do a better marketing job than the previous owner?  What gave him that confidence.

Then the call came.  He informed me that he was the high bidder, but since it didn't meet reserve the bank could reject the offer.

Only they didn't.  Instead they countered.  For far more than I was willing to pay for you.

Whether my actions show it or not, I truly believe that my husband is the head of the household.  Not because he's more important than me, smarter than me, or at all better than me.  But because God said so.  I trust Him to take care of me no matter what.  I also trust that my husband is darn good at his job (hence us having the money to even consider purchasing you.)

I deferred to Jay's wisdom in how to handle the counter offer.  I prayed hard.  You represent risk.  You took away my bathroom remodel.  You scared me.

Then came the offer.  Just a few days after we received the official deed in the mail, we were in contract to sell you.  I was thrilled, excited, thankful even to be getting rid of you.

Don't get me wrong - you're beautiful.  Truly.  And I hope someday you make a good home to some loaded soul who can afford to build a million dollar house* to go with your million dollar view**. 

*Literally - homes to meet subdivision regulations are $1 million + in cost.
**Figuratively - at no point has anyone paid any where close to a million dollars for it.  We certainly didn't.

In closing, I would like to say that I appreciate you letting us stop by this weekend for one final goodbye.  Jay and I, together with both sets of our parents, will come to use your pavilion to celebrate his 31st birthday.

And to celebrate that check we got in the mail for getting rid of you.

Its been fun.


Your previous owner


  1. you are so cute!!! i love to read your blog!!!

  2. Congrats on owning 1 less property! I'm so glad this worked out for you guys. Maybe now you can get that bathroom remodel you need???? (Seriously-no girl should have to be a contortionist to shave her legs!)

  3. Yay!! So, when do you start the bathroom remodel?

  4. congratulations on the deal all around :)

  5. It's such a gorgeous view, but I'm happy for you that it's sold!

  6. How great that you were able to sell it. What a great feeling!

  7. That is impressive! And you are such a great wife. I would have lost no end of sleep over something like this.

  8. Congrats on the sale! Although it IS a great view...your new (old) house is breathtaking!

  9. Congratulations although as I first started to read this, I thought I might have a new rental property to look into the next time we visit the Smokies.


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