October 25, 2010

Training, Trophy Wife, and Birthday report

This was a full weekend for Super Boo and family.  Friday night was spent...okay so Friday night I didn't do anything but play on the computer and watch TV.  But the rest of the weekend was busy!!

Saturday morning started with my 13 mile training run.  Since the mileage is getting up there I'm having to get a little more creative with where I run.  The Parkway here in town is a straight shot through 2 of the 3 major cities in my county.  I knew that I'd be able to go out and back 6.5 miles no problem.

What I didn't count on is the million and ten crosswalks I'd have to stop at along the way and almost getting ran over by a coworker's teenage daughter.  In her defense she was trying to be sweet.  What most drivers don't know about runners and bikers, is that as a general rule we'd prefer you to go first. 

Things go much more quickly (assuming everyone sees everyone else) if you go ahead.  We only have to slow up a bit then we continue on our way. If you stop, we're gonna slow up too.  We don't trust you.  Then we have to be stopped long enough to trust that you're not going to run us over.  Then we go. 

And the cars lined up behind you are cussing us both.

The route - with a good parking area as well as bathroom facility - ended up being 13.33 miles.  My longest run ever.  Hard to believe that in the next couple months I'll double that mileage.  I had more in me today (I quasi-sprinted out the last quarter mile) and could have gone further, which was encouraging.

After the run I headed back to the house to get some cleaning in.  The In-laws would be arriving later that night and I wanted to get everything picked up/clean before they got here.  Between twitter, facebook, and my messy house, it took every bit of the 3 hours I had to get the job done.

Then it was time to get showered up and play trophy wife.

One of Jay's clients had recently married, and invited us over to their house for a post wedding celebration.  They'd called it a hoedown and mentioned that polo's and khakis were too dressy.  Jay assumed that they just wanted people to be comfortable casual.

I hate my wardrobe.  It really sucks.  Especially with this up and down business my weight has been doing.  I only had one pair of jeans that fit that can be worn with flats (and I wasn't crazy enough to try heels after that morning's run).  Since they were black in color and low in rise I had to be picky about what top I put them with.  I picked out a cute white (long) polo and a sweater.

Jay took one look at me and said "I pictured you wearing something like...um...well...um" as he looked through my closet.  He ended up finding a really dressy button up shirt I wear with slacks to work.  His suggestion had been less than helpful.  He told me I'd probably get too hot inside in the sweater and to wear something else.

So I picked out a cute short sleeved top and we headed out.

I wanted to kill Jay when the host greeted us outside in a wife beater and overalls.  It was a country bumpkin themed party and we were the only ones who didn't dress to theme.  On top of that most of the party took place outside on the screened in porch in the cool fall air. Thankfully the hostess offered to lend me a jacked so I didn't freeze to death.

I was nervous since I'd never met any of the party goers, but I quickly found that everyone was friendly and easy to talk to.  In our treat bag, I found an invitation to next years event.  They want to make it a yearly thing.  Next time, we will come dressed appropriately!

We had a great time and stayed much longer than we'd anticipated.  When we got home we found Jay's parents asleep on the couch.  As per our usual, we stayed up late chatting until we finally called it a night around 3AM.

Yesterday was Jay's birthday so for lunch we headed up to the land we just sold for a picnic.

The four of us, plus my parents met up there for pizza and homemade cobbler (is it still homemade if I used canned peaches?)  After that we headed toward another development - this one with a creek - so Jay could get more pictures.

Then it was back to the house to hang out and watch the birthday boy's favorite new show - Ice Road Truckers in India. 

Is it any wonder that I'm exhausted?

How was your weekend??


  1. ugh I am w/you on always being under/over dressed :( what a great weekend for you otherwise!!!

  2. Sounds like a crazy busy weekend, but just look at it this way...it's OVER and you survived ALL AFTER you RAN A 1/2 marathon on your OWN!! So proud of you, girl!

  3. You managed to clean house and go to a party after running 13.33 miles! I was lucky to crawl home :) Looks like a fun weekend, even if you did show up overdressed to the party and your inlaws slept on the couch. I have to ask, though, Ice Road Truckers India????

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend Boo!

  5. Whoa...you were busy! If all you'd done was run 13 miles, I'd still think you were busy! Ha :)

    Dude, you must live in the promise land. All the pictures you post have me jealous of your gorgeous scenery. Although our bayous down here are quite pretty!

  6. Whew. Way busy weekend. Good job on the run. I never would have thought about the cars and stopping thing. Makes sense though!

  7. oh that sounds like a fun party....but yeah probably could have used the sweater for sure!

  8. Sounds busy but good! I completely understand about not dressing appropriately for the event! Thanks for explaining about bikers & runners wanting us to go first. I've always wondered why they'd wave me on, even though I was letting them go!

  9. I'm exhausted from my weekend. Friday night was Halloween costume shopping with a 10 yr old who couldn't make up his mind and then dinner with him. Saturday was the birthday party circuit for R2, he had two back to back and then home for an hour then grocery shopping so we could eat. Sunday was spent all day at the ball park. But on the bright side, no more base ball till February. Oh who am I kidding, I will be so lost! Ok now I'm tired all over again just typing it out. I need a nap!

  10. way to go! Thats so awesome! that is a long way.

    you always post the best pics, i love that last one.

  11. So glad to hear you did 13 - was feeling my run might be a little inadequate! I misjudged the distance and ran 14, but the last three were really a struggle - I took several walk breaks during that last three miles! like you, I kept reminding myself that I'm going to almost double the distance in January - I had to finish it!

    I know I will be slow at Disney - for one thing, my current plan (unless I get a really fast start and can hold it) is to take lots of character photos on the route, and to heck with the time. But we'll see. Do you have a Disney plan?


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