February 21, 2011

Ask the Reader

Today is my first official day of vacation (although a big chunk of it will be devoted to traveling) so I thought I'd put you guys in the driver's seat.

1. Are family vacations annual event for you?

2. Who goes with you on family trips? Just the people in your household, or your extended family?

3. What was your favorite vacation?

Since I'm asking you guys to work a little, I guess I can do the same.

1. In my mind annual - Jay's not use to that, so it's taken a little effort.  He swears the rest of the real estate industry thinks he's insane, but he makes a good living so I'm not going to worry about it.  Plus, as stressful as his job can be, he really needs a break.  Even if that break includes daily checking email and voicemail.

2. Typically we do an extended weekend with my parents, sister, BIL, niece and nephew. Then also a full week just the two of us.

3. My parents were great about taking us on vacation and making it special. Hawaii is the most exotic place we've been together (Not sure Ireland counts since we were visiting the BIL's family.) I loved the trips to the beach and my sister and I got to go with our grandparents and our parents stayed at home. It made me feel so grown up!


  1. So jealous of your trip. Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list!

    1. Yes, we take a vacation every year. Usually we alternate between a big fly-away (like Disney) with a closer trip - camping, drove to DC, etc. Because K's gymnastics requires travel, we are in hotels A LOT.

    2. We've only done trips with ourselves. Never done a big vacation with extended family. I don't count family reunions or trips to Cedar Point with my sister as a "vacation".

    3. My best family vacation was Disney last summer for my 40th and the twins 13th birthdays. Best vacation for M & I would probably be St. Lucia in 2007 for my bestie's wedding (and my first & only scuba trip) or our trip to Cozumel when the kids were 2.

    Enjoy your time away. I can't wait to read all about your trip.

  2. We like to travel in general and to camp so we have always taken several vacations a year - usually a big one to some destination and lots of weekend camping trips and the hubs and I will usually do an alone weekend.

    We have done all kinds of trips. Our family trips usually include all of our children and now with some of them married their spouses etc...but sometimes we do extended family too like a few years ago when we all got together - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma, grandpa, etc...and went to Disneyland. Stuff like that.

    We have been all over the globe so don't know that I can pick a favorite - this world is amazing and beautiful!

    Have fun on your vacation!!

  3. Jealous!

    We take a family vacation every year to the beach - usually with G's sister and her kids. My kids love the time with their cousins since it's really the only time we see them. I would love to go to Disney or a Disney cruise with the family soon.

  4. 1. Never have been, and I'm sure they never will. Sometimes we'll go a year or two without taking a vaca, and then we'll take three in a year. It just depends on work and school, really.

    2. Usually just me and the hubby. We've occasionally gone on vacas with my parents.

    3. Boston. =) Everything about that vacation was perfect.

  5. Growing up, my mom would take my brother and I on vacations every summer (my dad did the same for us - but he lived in NY, so that was already like an extended vacation when we were there.) Now, we visit family. My family, my husband's family, and have taken one mini-vacation in 3 years of being married. We went to Savannah for a few days on our way to visiting my dad in Florida.

    We totally need a vacation alone. Preferably to some place like Hawaii. :)

  6. 1. Not really! We did a family trip for a couple years in a row but when my dad changed jobs, our vacations went bye-bye. Brent and I usually do 1 - 2 long weekends each year.

    2. Just Brent and I. Or us girls (Mom, plus my 2 sisters and I) if it is our girls weekend.

    3. My favorite vacation was camping in Mackinaw City in a leaky motor home with a sick dog. Sounds terrible, but we still laugh about it today!!

  7. I love vacations! We ususally try to take a vacation during the summer, late summer. We are usually so busy with baseball that late summer works out best. The first family vacation we went on we took the boys to a water park. I remember going to the same one every summer when I was kid and how much fun we had. The boys had a blast! Have a wonderful vacation and remember to take a tone pictures so you can post them when you get back!

  8. 1. We always go away, but not necessarily "vacation". We're usually visiting family or friends. Once we're out of debt, it WILL be annual!
    2. As stated in #1, it's usually not just us. This year, we're taking my dad! :)
    2. Does my honeymoon count? We went to Disney World! I'm sure when we finally take the kids, that'll be my favorite one!

    I hope your trip is super great!!

  9. We try to do a yearly vacation. We go with just our family. My favorite was the year Andy graduated from Basic Training and we all, including our married daughter and husband went down to South Carolina for his graduation. After ward we were able to take him to Virginia and all spent some time together.

  10. PS - have a great time on your vacation!

  11. I *WISH* we did a yearly vacation. We didn't because all of our money was spent going home on visits. We are planning on starting it with the kids if not this year, next. We're thinking of taking them on a Disney Cruise.

    Favorite vacation? The beach. Always the beach. :)


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