February 14, 2011

True Love.

(Adopted from my twitter stream - follow me for more pearls of wisdom www.twitter.com/smartstrongsexy )

True love is...

  • not having to apologize for farting at the dinner table.
  • complimenting my 2nd least favorite body part and proclaiming it "the best ever" but not mentioning my least favorite so i know you're not lying.
  • being the behind spoon Valentine's morning even though you know I've had diarrhea all morning.
  • researching tropical vacations to take me on, even though you/we lose $$$ from business you have to give to someone else while we're away.
  • trying your best to board up & mouse proof our house that's 100+ years old because you know it freaks me out.
  • driving to the store to get me a Sprite to settle my tummy.
  • getting more excited than me about planning my dad's 60th birthday party.
  • building me a new closet because I threw a temper tantrum that would rival one from my 6 year old niece.
  • buying me boxes of books because you know how much I love them.
Safe to say, my man loves me.

How are you going to practically show your love this Valentine's day?


  1. These are definitely signs of true love!! Hope you have a great day with your Valentine!

  2. Awww, you really do have a wonderful husband!! Hope he takes extra-special care of you today as you recuperate!

  3. Now that's love :) Happy Valentines!

  4. Oh my gosh! These are great! And don't forget about not having to say excuse me after burping a burp so loud it peeled the paint off the walls while eating dinner. That is true love too.

  5. Definitely! Hope you & Jay enjoy a wonderful Valentine's Day together! :-)

  6. He's a great guy and he loves you! :)

  7. I agree that these are all signs of true love!
    Happy ♥ Day!!

  8. I gotta say, my favorite is the first! Lol!!

  9. i totally agree with the farting thing....totally!

  10. Ha ha! What a great list! :D

  11. Ahhhh, it IS true love and what a great husband!

  12. That list is awesome!!! Practical love is killing a bat and giving me popcorn bucket with unlimited refills!

  13. Yep, he loves you alright!!! So sweet that he's so excited about your dad's b-day party!!!

  14. awwww. :D

    (i hope you're feeling better, by the way!)


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