February 23, 2011

I run...

It started out as a whim. A friend of mine and I had started counting calories earlier in the year, we took spin classes and weight classes together. Then out of the blue she called and said “I think we should train for a 5K, I’ve just found this program online.”

It was, of course, the Couch to 5K program. We signed up for our first race, but part of the way through the training she was sidelined and couldn’t compete with me. I remembered being nervous and excited – my only goal was to run the entire 5K, no walking in between. I had run 3 miles in training, but always on a track. The course was hilly, but I managed to meet my goal.

After my first race – I was hooked. It was probably the rush of setting a goal then pushing myself to meet it. I finished 11th out of 16 in my age group, but I’d never felt more like a winner in my life.

Why do I run?

I run for me.

I run for weight loss/maintenance.

I run for health.

I run for the high.

I run for the sense of accomplishment.

I run for my niece and nephew.

My niece, who’s 6, has already said she wants to run races like her Aunt Boo.

My nephew was unofficially diagnosed with asthma at 16 months old. Instead of getting upset about it, my sister told my mom “If Brooke can have it, and go on to run a half marathon, its not gonna hold him back.”

That makes me incredibly proud. So I guess it all comes back to…

I run for me.

What about you?


  1. I run, I guess for the personal accomplishment, and I really the feeling of being an "athlete." I was always overweight as a kid and and as an adult, and wasn't physically able to run, so when I lost weight and was actually able to run it was a really big deal. I'm running my very 1st 5K the end of March!

  2. great post! i think if i'm honest i run for weight maintenance...but i do always enjoy the feeling afterwards :)

  3. I run to take away the stress. And to eat. Because I REALLY like to eat, lol!!!

  4. I'm so proud of you for all that you've accomplished through running! :)

  5. You have accomplished so much with running. You should be very proud of your self.


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