February 02, 2011

Update: I'm a Planner

Thanks for all your comments on my check-in post.

For all you mommy-types out there, I promise I'll get blood work done if this keeps up.  I'm pretty sure its just my body's super awesome-never-get-sick version of a cold or something.  Give me a week and we'll chat again m'kay?

One thing I love so much about always training, is that I have a plan.  I crave structure and order.  I have a nervous breakdown using profanity am not happy without it.

So you see while I'm enjoying the freedom that not having a plan is giving me, I'm also sorta lost.  Same with eating.  I love the freedom of not tracking, but then I sorta feel like I'm floating around without an anchor.

I think I need a plan.  A quasi-tracking system.  Put anything into an excel spreadsheet and its fun for me.  I'm going to create a checklist and put it in a folder or something, but I need ideas!

My goals for the month so far included:

  • Read at least 1 chapter of the Bible daily and reflect on its practical application in my journal.
  • Do at least one thing to actively show my love to my darling love hubby.
  • Read at least 1 chapter in a book (either fiction or non-fiction, ebooks included).
  • Beginning today as day 1, go day by day through the Love Dare.
But, as you can see, those goals are light on fitness & healthy living habits.  Help a girl out!  What else would you suggest?

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  1. I have put my weekly, monthly and yearly goals in a widget thingy on the side of my blog. This way I am accountable! (I have asked for this accountability--crazy woman!) But I have found that it gives me something to look forward to in both areas... time for my stuff and to feel like I have accomplished something each day. (hey... I am even such the farm girl that I have feeding my heifers on it!rofl!!)

  2. BTW i like your goals... they are not only do-able but fun AND learning!

  3. I goal plan weekly and monthly, and it keeps me on task and on track.

  4. these are great goals! thanks for the inspiration :)

    excited to be following along with your cute blog!


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