February 08, 2011


Why are these thing so scary?
If when we die, our lives are the exact same as when we were born, something has gone horribly wrong.  As we live life day by day, we mature.  As we develop new relationships, new responsibilities we evolve.  Adapt.
These are all a requirement of a successful life.  Why do we fight against change?  Get offended when someone offers a word of correction?
In Your Secret Name, Mr. Oberbrunner suggests "Left to our own devices, we usually choose the path of least resistance and prefer stagnation over transformation.

That is so hard for me to handle.  That's not the case with me when it comes to running.  I'm constantly trying to grown and improve.  Once I "mastered" (please know I use that term loosely) the 5K distance, I kept pressing myself to increase distance.  And when I'd completed the 13.1 half marathon distance, I decided to work a on speed.

That's how it should be in other aspects of my life as well, but instead I find myself clinging to sameness.  How many times have we offered up the excuse "That's the way I was when you married me!" as if that somehow validates our flaws.

Sure, I had an independent streak when I got married - because up until that point I WAS independent. 

I also had slacked in my Bible study around the time I got married (we'll come back to the why later), does that make it okay to continue neglecting God's word?  Of course not!

"I'm not a morning person."  Was another excuse I used to remain stagnant.  I just couldn't possibly get up early to have my daily devotional time.  Remember when you got up at 5:30 every morning to lift weights?  Poop.  I guess that proves it can be done with the right motivation. 

What better motivation do I need than to give God my first fruits of the day?  (Okay maybe not first.  I do shower, dress, and put on make up first.  After all I do need a little time to wake up so I can understand what I read.) 

Another thing that has helped is a notebook to accompany my readings.  Courtney at Women Living Well suggested it in her Putting Your House in Order post.  I now read each chapter, then stop to reflect on what God is saying or application for my life.  It very much keeps me from just blazing through the readings just to mark something else off my "to do" list.

Sometimes that growth means putting aside Given Names.  Selfish. Superficial. Judgmental. Hypocritical.
None of those things make me into the woman of God I'm called to be.  Its past time to confess them, and hand them over to the Lord.   He's got far better things in store for me.

I'm linking up (as is my standard Tuesday routine) with Marla's read along.  Head on over there to check out what others had to say about chapters 12 and 13.
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  1. Are you sure you didn't climb into my head this morning and pull this out. I was thinking about so many of these this morning.

  2. I am so scared of change. I am completly frightend of change. Even in bad situations, I fear the unknown.
    I totally "choose the path of least resistance and prefer stagnation over transformation."
    ewwww...just saying it makes me cringe.
    Thanks for giving me somehting to think about...seriously.

  3. I am traditional through and through and really what value is there in it? I can always do things the way they were, but how often do I get a chance to do things differently?

    Thanks for the reminder to take the opportunities that God gives me and go with them!

  4. Wow. Ya, I'm that way, too. I don't like change, but it can be such a good thing when it helps you grow spiritually!

  5. What wisdom here! It is so hard for us to change, isn't it? And procrastination? I am a pro at that.


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