February 25, 2011

Fancy Dress Friday

I was sick the week following Valentine's so I didn't post my pictures from the dinner and dance.  Hope yall don't mind me posting them a bit late.  (Forgive the duplication, those of you who have seen them on facebook already.)

As if you couldn't tell by looking at them, the handsome couple on the right is my parents.  Okay maybe "handsome" isn't the right word for the Possum (my father's mustache) but we're a good lookin' crew right?  My mom found both of our dresses the week before at JC Penny for under $5. 


Here is my goofy friend Kristi giving someone the what for, and Maria smiling for the camera.  My parents went on and on about how funny Kristi was that night.  Thing is, she's always that funny.  That's why we keep her around.

Callie is one of the reasons the dance exists.  The other reason is her little brother Cale.  They both have Cystic Fibrosis.  The Valentine's Dinner and Dance (along with other fund raisers hosted by Cure Finders) raises money to fun research for a cure.

The event was a success!  As with most every year, all the tables sold out.  In fact, they had to make room for some extras.  Sounds like a great problem to have if you ask me!

What would a charity event be without a silent auction?  Typically Jay buys me a Valentine's gift at the auction to try and cover for his procrastination.  This year, since we'd decided we weren't purchasing gifts, he set his sights on a gift for my Dad's 60th birthday.  I came down to the wire, but we ended up getting it!

As you can see it was a great night.  Service usually doesn't look this pretty.


  1. What a great night & a great cause! I saw the pics on fb, but I didn't know what the event was for. Way to go on the super deal on dresses, Mom!

  2. Looks like a great night!
    You all looked great and the dresses were beautiful! (and such a deal!)
    PS - you look like your Mom.

  3. You look AMAZING, Brooke! And wow on the steals your mom got on those dresses :) Looks like you had an amazing time, and I love your dad's 'stache!

    Hope you have the best time ever on your trip!!!


  4. Love the fancy picture!!! Y'all look adorable!! And great deal on the dress.

  5. those pics are awesome!
    you look beautiful!


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