February 24, 2011

Daddy Issues

You might be married to a younger version of your father if...

  1. The lady at the gas station near your house exclaims "I know who you are!" by just your last name and your request for 2 cans of long cut natural Red Seal tobacco. (Apparently my dear husband is the one that requested they keep that specific kind in stock.)
  2. Your husband insists on listening to David Allen Coe (living room window open, stereo at full volume) while working outside in the yard. Ever hear "Would you lay with me in a field of stone?" Only my father and my husband could enjoy listening to that macabre song and find it poetic.
  3. He's 31and already balding...
  4. And it seems to be falling from his head and making his chest hair thicker. Don't know about you ladies but I < 3 chest hair. I am, however, bracing myself for the day it starts sticking to his back. *Shudder*
  5. Because of said balding he wears a cap everywhere but church. Even out for a run. In the 70 degree weather.
  6. He spoils me rotten - although unlike my father, he's not ashamed to admit it.
  7. He does sporadic exercise, but isn't consistent. My father sprints on the football field every Friday night come August, but doesn't bother to exercise beyond that. Jay exercises when he's bored and needs to reaffirm how much more awesome than me he is. :P
  8. He wants a pickup truck for his next vehicle - even if it has to be a 4 door version so that he can use it to show property to clients.
  9. They love chatting with one another about random sports events or the latest UT Vols news (be it a new recruit or an arrest.)
  10. He loves me - despite the millions of reasons he shouldn't.
So there you have it - proof that I've become a cliche and married a man just like my father.


I will say, however that I desperately hope it doesn't take such extreme measures for Jay to quit dip as it did my dad. Daddy had to watch his own father die a slow and painful death from lung cancer - not to mention the trips together for my Papaw to receive radiation treatment.


Are you married to your father? A spitting image of your husband's mother? Tell me all about it!


  1. It's funny, but my fiance has the exact same personality as my father...but they are completely different.

    My dad is a Mr. Fix It - man of all trades..if it's broken, he'll fix it EXCEPT computers. My fiance, is the computer guy but can't fix anything else.

    My dad has no interest in gaming or using a computer (except to download music)..my fiance? Complete opposite.

    My dad LOVES soccer - British football. Can't interrupt him when a game is on. Fiance? Don't EVER talk to him about sports - he hates any sport...you can't interrupt him during a game of Call of Duty, however.

    They are both, however, hate being in social situations, talking on the phone, or worry about money. They work hard and support their families.

    They both get along great with each other.

  2. this is funny! there are definitely similarities between by husband and my dad. thankfully, i admire both of them immensely!

  3. Oh yes, there are definitely similarities between my mister & my dad. The main thing is the fact that they can fall asleep anyWHERE at anyTIME! Chris has also said that I remind him of his mom! <3

  4. That's cute Brooke!! My dad sucks so I went in the opposite direction! Lol.


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