February 07, 2011

Weekend Update

Brought to you by the letter "F".  For forgiveness, football, and fantastic food.

  • My mom went shopping this weekend, bought several shirts for $1.97 that were cute, but too small.  Guess who gets to keep them now?
  • Went to a friend's house on Friday and got to hang out with a couple girlfriends I hadn't seen in a while.  Good times.
  • Remodel dude said he will be finished and out of my house by Friday! I'm not holding my breath but somewhere deep, down in my heart I'm getting excited.
  • Cleaned house on Saturday.  Since I played too much on the Internet, I wasn't able to kick back and read a book when done.  I regret that and plan to do better next Saturday I'm staying home.
  • The computer blackout on Sunday was an epic fail, so I need to work on that for next Sunday.  Yet more time I could have been reading that library book that I need to get back to my mother.
  • 3 days with no exercise again, so I guess I'm just going to call it quits on the 100 days/100 miles challenge.  My heart really wasn't in it,and I'm enjoying the days I get a break from exercising.
  • The testimonial at church went well.  Although I lied while up there, but only due to my very poor math skills.  Told the congregation my church is 11 years  old, when in fact, it is only 9 years old.  Not sure how I came up with that, but my dad caught it later in the retelling.
  • The shirt I'm wearing fits well from the navel up, but is too small in the hip/glutes area so I had to tuck it in.  I feel like I look like a dork.
  • Is anyone still reading this?
  • 10 points to whoever catches this
  • I'm having fun just making new points.
  • But I'm running out of things to say.
So that's my weekend in review.  Also, since I'll be gone for 2 weeks vacation, I'm looking for guest bloggers to keep the place lively.  I can also field questions from the audience to answer/schedule for while I'm gone.  Remember that time I asked you if you showed your husband your really long/fat poops?  Yeah well now its time to do the same for me.  (PS - I never believed you when you said you didn't.)


  1. I read it all ;) Your vacation is going to be so fun. I'm jealous and can't wait to see/hear all about it.

  2. I read it too. And I'm completely jealous of your upcoming vacation.

  3. I read the whole thing. I'd guest blog, but I'm afraid people would ask about my poop :P

  4. WAY TO GO PACKERS!! Could hear the screaming at your house from mine. My boys were so excited. Me...I was in it for the food. =)

  5. i read it all...you sound like me :)

    have a BLAST on vacation! it's well-deserved. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, those last couple of sentences did me in. HAHAHAHAHA!

    Have fun on your vaca! I'm jealous!!

    Go, Pack!

  7. I read it all too & am sooooooo jealous of the vacay! where are you going?

  8. 10 points for me!!!

    I need a vacay - away from all of this SNOW!! UGH!!

  9. Yep, I read it all, too. :) Glad to hear your testimonial went well. Good for you!

  10. Glad to hear your talk went well. I knew you would do great!
    I get 10 points too!

  11. I can't wait to see pics of your bathroom remodel!! I'm so glad that your talk went well {even though you lied ~ hee hee!} I read it all, so I get 10 points, too! ;) I hope you have a super great vacation. I can guest blog if you want, but I don't know what I'd talk about! I'm sorta random!

  12. I read the WHOLE thing!!! Have fun at vacation and if needed, I'd love to do a guest post!

  13. Yeay! Glad your testimonial went well, and that you had a good weekend! (And yes, I'll take those 10 points...not sure what I'll do with them, but I'll take 'em!)

  14. wait, you want me to show you my big long poops?


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