May 19, 2010

21 Day challenge or reason 815 why I'm a mental case

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

I'm pretty sure I failed this challenge all the way around.

The purpose of the challenge was to set goals for ourselves and work toward making them habits.  I was all excited about the challenge because it wasn't focused on weight loss.  Due to my recent revelation that I'm freakin awesome if I weigh 120 or 138  I haven't weighed except that one day I cheated in over a month. 

No more tracking, obsessing, or general foolishness.  But this challenge was a great opportunity to focus on healthy habits, not necessarily weight loss.

What did I choose?
  1. Eating 5 fruits/veggies a day
  2. Serving 1 veggie with dinner every night
  3. Picking up the house every night before bedtime.
After the first week I decided to log the fruits and vegetables I had each day, as well as what I cooked for dinner.  The second week I added a running tally of how (and how long) I cleaned the house.

Each Wednesday I would review the list and put a big FAIL beside each goal because I didn't achieve it.

Until I realized I was falling back into the tracking trap yet again.

Don't get me wrong, its a very useful too.  I'm just crazy and I became obsessive about it.  I'm like a gremlin, bad things happen when you feed my obsession.

So without tracking for the past week, how'd I do?  Pretty well on the serving one veggie with dinner every night.  I never quite hit it on the fruits and veggies, but I am more conscious of what I pair with each meal and snack, as well as being sure to buy plenty at the store.  The clean up hasn't worked as well as I'd like, but I've had so much going that when I do get a free moment its just nice to collapse on the couch.

For my final review this challenge was one giant FAIL. 

Only not.  Because it made me think, consider my choices, and know when give myself a break. 

I mean really, I could pick up tonight and they'll just be more empty dip cans, dirty socks, and full spit cups waiting on me tomorrow.

How'd the challenge go for you?


  1. I don't think I ever stated my goal but I wanted to run consistently and I succeeded. I think that raising your awareness does mean success on your challenge.

  2. Sounds to me like you're making progress, even if you didn't reach the goal you had in mind. Progress can be counted as success!! Each bit of progress leads to healthier living in the end. These things take years, not days. :)

  3. I feel the same way about picking up!!!

  4. The challenge went okay for me. I, too, was thrilled at it being not about weight loss. I didn't set any unbreakable habits, either, but I learned to be more aware of my weekend eating habits, and I'm sure my teeth are better off than if I hadn't flossed at all. ;-)

    I think the important thing is that the challenge gave you some new insights, and it helped you "work toward" better habits. So from that perspective, definitely a success!

    Full spit cups? Oh, ew. I'd definitely fail on taking care of those.

  5. I'd say that not obsessing is a success! That's coming from a fellow obsessor! (Ya, I don't think that's a word!) It's definitely good to have healthy goals, though, so I'm glad the challenge made you more aware of your veggie/fruit eating habits!!

  6. I think as long as you are moving forward it is never a fail :D
    I am a listmaker/goal setter myself.
    I used to think FAIL if I didn't finish my list but then at one point at the end of a week I would start listing the things I DID accomplish and it feels like such a WIN! You are so talented and get so much done try doing this and you will never FAIL again!!

  7. I'm with the other commenters...I'd say progress in general cancels the possibility of a fail! I read once that it takes 21 days of doing something to make a habit (i.e. read a chapter of John each day for 21 days to make bible-reading a habit). Anyway, I believe each day you work toward your goals is success!

  8. too bad your goal wasn't to be an awesome wife, aunt, and friend...because you would totally rocked those ones!

  9. You know, Brooke, sometimes life just gets in the way. You feel like you failed because you didn't meet those three little goals, but you have succeeded in so many other areas. What about your Best.Auntie.Ever award? What about your faith? What about getting off the scale and admitting that you were at goal? All of those things (plus what Mendie said) make you a rockstar in my book!

  10. You did not fail! You gained information that you need to help you in the future. How is that failing?


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