May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Most of us, even through our rough times, are blessed more than we realize.  The fact that I realize my blessings probably makes me fall into the "cup runneth over" category. 

What do I have to be thankful for?  I thought you'd never ask!

*I'm thankful for all the wonderful resources I've found lately regarding being married to an unbeliever.  Fitting, since I've recently gotten the smack up side the head call from God to stop focusing on myself so much.  What could I achieve God work through me if I poured myself into my husband? 

One of those resources lead me to Thankful Thursday today - a new (to me) blog Spiritually Unequal Marriage.  Off from their links I found (and purchased through amazon) a great book on how a Christian wife should minister to her unbelieving husband.

*I'm thankful that said husband is a wonderful provider for our family.  He works hard to make sure that we have enough, more than enough really.  We have different strengths when I comes to finances and compliment one another well.

Just a few moments ago he called me to sign some paperwork at the bank.  He arranged it so that he'd be the one sitting waiting, and that I would only have to pop in for a few minutes to open up our new account.  All of that so that I could get a swim in during my lunch hour. 

If I want a picture of what love does, how it serves its beloved - I only need to look to my husband.  Busy as he is, he gave of his time so that I could spend my time doing something he doesn't think is necessary.  He thinks I workout too much.  How easy (and reasonable) would it have been to ask me to skim my 3rd swim of the week (the training plan only calls for 2). 

Instead he stepped up to the plate and took one for the team. 

*I have incredible work benefits.  If I listed them all here you'd be jealous.  To keep you from breaking one of the commandments I'll just focus on one benefit - the free blood work they do for us once a year.  Its so extensive my doctor asks that I fax the paperwork in to her every year.  Assuming I'm feeling okay and the bloodwork checks out okay, I don't even have to go in for a checkup.

This year my blood work revealed that, along with low blood sugar (I'm up to 50 this year - last year I was at 40, a normal person is 70-100), I also have low iron.  I've left a message on the nurse line to see what I need to do to get it up, if I need to come in.

Hopefully I won't have to stoop to eating liver and giblets, but I am willing to do what I need to do to get it up.  Researching anemia and the classic signs, I have most every one.  Not sure why I hadn't thought of it before.  Fatigue, shortness of breath (no wonder the inhaler isn't helping all that much), trouble sleeping, eating ice, dirt, and clay.

Okay I haven't progressed to the dirt and clay, but I've eaten my weight in ice the past few months.  Enough so that a friend of mine commented on how annoying/concerning it was.  We assumed it was a mental disorder - a way for me to be eating something without consuming calories.  Like a weird eating disorder or something.  I'm thankful to know that its more of a physical symptom than that.

*My LOST buddies.  This weekend I'm traveling to South Carolina to watch the finale with a group of ladies I met on the LOST message boards several years ago.  Who knew that a group of women could develop friendships over the Internet without having ever met in person?  (It was before my blogging days, give me a break 'kay?)

*My family.  I have a great set of parents, sister, grandparents, niece, nephew, BIL.  We look out for one another and know that we have each other's back - but also expecting nothing in return.

Got something you're thankful for?  Laurie's hosting Thankful Thursday today, head on over and link up!


  1. It sounds like you have A LOT of things to be thankful for :)

  2. I am thankful that my husband loves me!

    I am also thankful for meeting you on here, Brooke! Thanks for all your comments on my blog! I hope to keep doing the same to you too.

  3. How cool that you're going to watch the LOST finale with your buddies. I can't believe when the show first started I only had 2 kids. I don't know if I'm ready for it.

  4. So many blessings! I need to do this...daily.

  5. It's so great to be aware of all that god has blessed you with! It sounds like your cup really does runneth over!!

  6. I think that this is such an important exercise to do because I know how often I get into the whoa is me mindset, when you are right, I have so much to be thankful for.

  7. So many things to be thankful for. Enjoy your Lost trip - HOW FUN!

  8. Your blessings list made me smile! We're all so blessed if we take the time to notice!! Hugs!!!

    I'm so sad LOST is ending....I feel a marathon coming on, lol!

    PS Please come over and see Bella's graduation pics!

  9. you are ivited to follow my blog

  10. Yes, definitely a lot to be thankful for!! And this was a good reminder...thank you for sharing this!

  11. You are very blessed to have such wonderful things in your life! I feel blessed to have an awesome husband and kids. A family who loves me and I love them. I'm blessed to have such great bloggy friends that even when I don't leave a comment they keep leaving them on mine. Thanks, Brooke!!!

  12. Great post! So great to remember that whatever life throws our way, we absolutely always have something to be thankful for!


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