May 13, 2010

What kind of blogger am I?

This week I'm both versatile and honest. 

C-Foxes gave me the versatile blogger award last week and RR Mama gave me the honest blogger award. 

The rules of each award say I have to tell you some random stuff about myself, so I decided to combine the two into one big fun award post!

  1. I won the 5 year old division big wheel race when I was only 4 years old.  It was held in the Pizza Hut parking lot.
  2. I learned to speed read because of the Book-it program.  For every book you read (or maybe 4 or 5) you got a free personal pan pizza growing up.  Too bad they don't have something like that for adults!
  3. I was embarrassed just a few weeks ago to be shopping in the children's section of the used book store, but I want to read the Chronicles of Narnia series and our local library never has the first book on the shelves.
  4. Jay wants to have build in shelving installed in the upstairs landing of the house.  While it would be beautiful, I'm hesitant because I just see it as another surface to clean.  Also currently all of our books are properly housed in bookcases, so I would have to go shopping for something to put on the shelves.
  5. He also had someone to the house 2 nights ago to get a price quote on building a garage and revamping the master bath.  The revamp, turned into building a first floor master and landed us with a $30,000 quote.
  6. This was moments after I left the grocery store feeling guilty for spending $60 on out of season veggies to make a salad and fresh strawberries.  Okay so since I'm supposed to be an honest blogger I also got a 12 pack of orange soda, loaded up on $0.84 2 liter drinks, and got some whole wheat bread products for myself.  But I seriously felt guilty for "splurging" at the store.
  7. On one hand, I sit back and judge the people I see chugging cokes, eating greasy hamburgers, on the other I'm jealous.  Not that I never eat those things, just to be able to eat and not think about it.  That sort of freedom sounds wonderful right now!
Okay so there you  have it.  I'm also supposed to pick people to pass the award along to, but I'm feeling particularly lazy today.  Feel free to snag the awards and post some random things yourself.

On a more serious note - I had an eye opening moment last night.  One that makes me want to cry just thinking about it.  Don't worry, no one is hurt, my world is not crashing around me, but out of sensitivity to the other parties involved I don't want to share in an open forum like this the details.  Please just pray for me about this situation.  It breaks my heart.

Now that I've killed the fun/random vibe this post had going for it - I shall release you to the comments section!


  1. I will be praying :) Have a great weekend!!

  2. I dunno...I think you kept the random vibe. ;) Praying for you, friend.

    And, btw, I heart orange soda. Especially Fantas. ESPECIALLY the Fantas...

  3. The Narnias are definitely in my collection. I loved them as a kid, even more as an adult! Beautiful symbolism.

    And WHY do fruits and veggies cost so much? I want my own garden and orchard.

  4. I would totally love a book it program for adults! I was part of that program, too. And praying for you in the situation you're facing.

  5. You were embarrassed to be in the children's section? Pa-shaw! I love reading lots of books my kids bring home from the school library. If that is where they come from, then maybe the store has them in the wrong place! No guilt. Just good for you for buying the veggies!

  6. Ha, I love it when I do an award post and then immediately get a new one. My time is impeccable, you're welcome :)

    Congrats on winning that race, I'm very impressed!! :) And also, who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda "I do I do I doo-ooo" Am I the only person who always thinks of that show when orange soda is mentioned?

  7. I hope everything turns out all right for you and the other folks. I love bookcases - why not frame some of your fun pictures to display?

  8. Can "children's section of the used bookstore" and "embarrassed" be used in the same sentence? I think not.

    Re: prayers, "consider it done," to quote my favorite fictional diabetic minister.

  9. I am catching up on blogland! It is amazing how many posts there are to read when I am away from the computer for just a few days - ha ha.
    Narnia's are GREAT books - I think they are for adults and kids so go for it!!

    I hope whatever is happening works out OK.


  10. I wish my grocery bill was only 60.00. Have a great weekend and I will be thinking about you my friend.

  11. I loved the Book It program. And I shop the children's section of bookstores all the time.

  12. I am so glad that you got some strawberries. Sometimes you need a treat : )

  13. Love the Book-it program! I saw someone with a shirt the other day actually on TV....wished I still had mine.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for whatever is bothering you. If you need to vent, my ears/eyes are here. ;o)


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