May 05, 2010

21 Day challenge - week 1

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

Before I tell you about how mediocre I was with keeping my goals, let me remind you what they are:

  1. Eat 5 fruits and veggies every day
  2. Serve 1 veggie every night with dinner.
  3. Pick up the house every night before I go to bed.
I've actually done the best with the one I thought would be the hardest - serving a veggie with dinner.  Jay claims that he doesn't like vegetables, I don't think he gives them enough of a shot.

Wednesday: Jambalaya mix + Italian sausage + can of corn (drained)
Thursday: Wasn't home for dinner
Friday:  Leftovers - Jambalaya, shells & cheese w/rotel, something else I can't remember
Saturday: Pepperoni Pizza = FAIL!
Sunday: Didn't cook dinner but had black bean and corn salsa for lunch
Monday: Chicken Pot Pie (can of Vegall included in recipe)
Tuesday: Pizza with banana peppers (by Jay's request - SCORE

So I'm 6/7 on that one.  Not bad if I do say so myself!

As far as my 5 fruits and veggies, some days I've only made it by the skin of my teeth (assuming that pizza sauce counts) other days were epic fails.  I'm doing well at getting a couple of pieces of fruit in, but the veggies are a struggle for me. I've purchased carrots and cucumbers to snack on, and then of course get the 1 veggie at dinner.  Any other suggestions for a veggie that could be paired with lunch to get my 5th in?

Picking up the house, well that's a work in progress.  Its hard to keep a tidy house when you're married to such a busy and important man.  Seriously though, Jay works very hard to provide for our family.  While the feminazi inside me protests, I've come to realize that if I want to have our house paid off in 5 years I'm gonna have to pick up a dirty sock or two that doesn't belong to me.

Even though I haven't been doing a great job of picking up the house nightly, I have been doing a little along the way.  That little has made a big difference - I don't have such an overwhelming job at the end of the week when I go to clean.  This habit is definitely one that shows immediate rewards and I'll keep around a while (if a bit modified.

For those who haven't already, check out my latest 5K race report here.

How are your goals coming?  Tells us all about them then head over to the Sisterhood to link up!


  1. Great job on the supper veggies! our supper veggies are a form of potato LOL

    as for getting your 5 a day I rely on v8 juice ALOT! its not a FABULOUS substitution but a couple of days/week it works! mostly b/c its 2 f/v per serving (8oz) so I drink 16 oz @ a time & count as 4 unless I go over in real f/v then count as 2. make sence? plus the fusion flavors ROCK!! they r the only juice I serve the child care kids :)

    picking up after someone. ugh. I am w/u. it can be frustrating but when done out of love its much more rewarding! & when you do it for a while w/o mentioning it he MIGHT start helping w/o realizing :))

  2. I have been serving a veggie every night with dinner ever since the boys were born. I would pass with flying colors on that one. Picking up the house everynight, not so much. I used to be great at it. But let me just say we have a basket of clean clothes piled high in the dinning room and more on the table. They have been folded but need to be put away. I give my self and N for needs improvement. Have a great day!!

  3. I need to pickup.The common areas are cool but my bedroom? Ugh. Great job on the veggies.

  4. Great job on trying to get your fruits and veggies in. I know it is very hard. I've all but given up on my son-epic fail on my part-but I'm tired of fighting him. He'll occasionally eat corn or peaches or the random banana, but that's about it.
    I love veggies-how about just adding a simple green salad with your lunch, or some raw cukes or bell peppers? I used to eat carrots every day, but now I can't stand them unless they are cooked and I used to hate them that way. Weird, huh?
    As for the house, this is a huge issue for me too, but I have 2 tweens that drop their stuff EVERYWHERE. My daughter's room should be declared a disaster area...and finding her dirty track clothes in the dining room where she's dumped her bag? Priceless!

  5. Veggies aren't too much of an issue for me, because my mister prefers two sides with dinner! I used to forget the sides all the time, but now it's a habit. He doesn't ask for too much, so I figure I can do that for him! Now, if only he would demand that the clean laundry be put away every day, then maybe I'd work on that one! ;) I'd have to agree with Bari on the green salad with other veggies cut up in it. We love to add red onions, red peppers, banana peppers, cucumber, celery, etc. You could easily get a few veggies in that way!

  6. ohhh...I have recently become a huge fan of banana peppers! you adore your husband...I can tell. :o)

  7. You're doing steps is the way to go! And I would think pizza sauce has to count as a veggie serving...I mean, it's made out of tomatoes!!!

  8. Fruits and veggies are hard for me, cuz I'm lazy. It's easier in the summer, at least.

  9. How about using spinach instead of lettuce in sandwiches or avocado? Yum!! My house is a disaster right now - piles everywhere and it's driving my husband nuts. Guess that means some tidying up is in order.

  10. I think you're doing great on your goals! Can you maybe add celery sticks with nut butter or hummus to your lunch for another one?

  11. I think you're doing great!

  12. I am so proud of how far you've come, I could just pop you. Seriously. You've become one of MY heroes.

  13. You are doing awesome. I have tried some of the bags of steamable frozen veggies cause they taste good and are easy. That way you can just nuke them and you don't have to worry if they are fresh or not. Do a apple or orange with lunch & raw veggies? Have a great week.

  14. Sounds like you are making great progress! KEEP GOING!!

    I think the way to really enjoy veggies is to get them fresh and try new things. VEGGIES ROCK!!! :D

  15. Awesome work on the veggies!!!

  16. You need to remove the word "fail" from your vocabulary. "Fail" means never trying again. You are not "failing". You are "progressing". :)


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