May 06, 2010

Thursday's Three

Normally I'm happy enough to participate in the Sisterhood's Thursday's Three by replying to their post with my answer.  This week's three thought provoking, and I think it deserves more than just a 2 minute glance.

Lisa has asked us to fill in the blank:

When I look in the mirror I like my...

1)   Hair.

Even back in the day when I wasn't working on loving myself, I couldn't help but admit I had great hair.  My mom and sister both have thick, coarse hair that is difficult to manage.  Not sure how I wound up with fine hair - but I'm thankful.  Granted its just as thick as theirs, but that really makes it the best of both worlds.  I don't have to worry about limp, flat hair like most people with fine hair.  I also don't have to worry about unruly hair.

My hair does that I want it to, and in most cases without a fight.  I typically wear it curly due to workouts.  A glob of gel & 2 minutes and I'm ready to face the world.  If I workout/shower at night, I let it dry naturally and use the curling iron on it the next morning for that Claire Bennett look.

Yep, that's me.  I totally look like that. 

When I'm feeling really adventurous, I wash my hair, then use the hair dryer and a straightening iron on it.  The 15 minute process didn't seem to be all that involved until I discovered the beauty of the wet/curly look.

It even looks good short. Okay so I thought it did you might not.

Okay so this picture is proof that the pixie cut isn't the most versatile, but I loved it none the less. Most of the time I would spike the back, making it look funky. 

2)   shoulders/upper back.

Oh look - a picture of my curly hair in a pony tail! (I went looking everywhere for a curly hair shot).

I love all the work and improvement I've done on my upper body.  I could stand to have a bit more of shrinkage in the arms, but I love the way my shoulders and back have really started looking.

Don't neglect your weight training boys and girls!!!

3)   my hands. 

They may not score me a hand modeling gig, but they've served me well.  How else would I change gears on my bike, write this blog, stuff donuts in my pie hole, or chop fresh veggies for lunch?  Not to mention holding up around 2 carats worth of bling.  Larry Bird has nothing on me ladies - 33 diamonds total (22 small stones in the engagement ring + the big one & 10 in the wedding band).  That's not easy work for my little left ring finger.

Given the tendency to arthritic hands (my mom at 54 years old already is dealing with them) I know I need to appreciate them now while they are working well!

Now its your turn!  Fess up, I know there is something you're just dying to brag about!


  1. I love the blong- the hubby did good. Can you get him to talk to my hubby? My husband was just out of college when we got married and um, there was no money for the bling, bling.

    You're one HAWT woman- shoulders and hair and all of it!

  2. Your ROCK and so does your ROCK! Love it :)

    Um, can I have your shoulders and arms? And your hair is magnificent!


  3. You have movie star arms!

    Nice bling :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your arms!! Now I want to go work my arms out!

  5. I need to go do some pushups, dips, reverse fly, anything else I can think of to get your arms/shoulders/back. Seriously-you are Rockin' that sports top.

    Don't even get me started on the bling. I couldn't even look at your hands as I was drawn to the rock. Oh, look, shiny thing....

  6. Your pixi hair cut is cute! And the dress was pretty too. When I look in the mirror I see...hmmmm...I could go a million different directions here. But on the positive side...My smile. My parents spent big bucks when I was a freshman in high school on an orthodontist, so needless to say I smile and I smile big! My eyes aren't bad either color wise. They are dark brown, almost black. I think they are pretty. Hubs has BLUE eyes but the boys both have hazel, go figure. And now let me skip right over the mid section and go right to my calves. I have my dad's and they have some major definition. And the best part is I don't have to try for it! Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Holy crap! You've got guns, girl! I might be able to out run you, but you could totally kick my ass!

  8. i think you forgot your abs...they are ridiculous remember??

    look at those arms! Go Brooke Go!

  9. Lookin good girlie!!! funny you didn't mention your abs.. you should totally be braggin on them rockin parts!! :) you earned em!

  10. I would definitely say your shoulders/upper back are killer :) I was just thinking to myself this morning...I have great hear (not to sound conceited b/c I'm usually hard on myself for every other part of my body).

  11. You are right - you've got an awesome back and shoulders. I have to admit that since I got pregnant, I kind of sort of love my boobs! They are big! :D (or um, at least bigger than I'm used to)

  12. Hmmmm. When I look in the mirror, I like my big brown eyes, my straight teeth (long years of braces), and my shoulders.

    Stop by my blog for an award from me to you!

  13. I love this post. I recently did a post where I showed appreciation for my hands. I'm learning to accept my body and all it has to offer, not just how it looks :) I was born with naturally curly hair ....curly hair rocks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog fellow disney marathoner!

  14. I'm officially jealous! I'm jealous of your hair (Mine is thin and straight), your arms, your hands and your ring!

  15. Yay for looking in the mirror & thinking positive thoughts! Hmmm...I'd have to say my hair, my eyes & my wrists (ya, I know, random! I had to think long & hard for that last one!!)

  16. All three are very nice! And dang, girl, you got a license for those guns? They are seriously awesome!!!

    And I loved your comment about hating that women often think they're vain if they like something about how they look. I totally agree, and am becoming less that way over time. Liking something about myself doesn't diminish anyone else's awesomeness.

  17. Your post rocks! Jewelry is awesome! And I totally would've included your abs even if it did exceed 3. ;)

  18. Hey, B, I left you an award on my blog for tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


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