June 15, 2010

Another PSA give away!

Yesterday the ACS and the Shrinking Jeans girls asked everyone to "Choose you".  Today the challenge is a little more difficult - Love yourself!  In a swimsuit no less!!

The ladies have paired up with Lands End and will be giving away not one, not two, not three, but 8 swimsuits to lucky readers!!  Check out the contest rules here

I love that the girls are confident enough to post pictures of themselves in the Lands End suits.  I'm not sure about anyone else but I get tired of stick thin models in magazines showing me the best suit for my problem areas.  Especially when its quite obvious that their biggest problem is that they skipped lunch for the past week.

Instead, courtesy of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, we're getting smokin hawt models that have worked hard for what they've got!  Yesterday Lissa & Heather modeled Lands End suits.  Today was Christy and Thea's turn. 

I'm hoping to win this one.  I've never been afraid of bikini bathing suits because I know they draw attention to my best features (pretty much anything from my waist up).  Wearing a suit that doesn't have a definite waist, I tend to look like a (a very tall) 5 year old girl.

What do you do at the pool to make yourself feel at ease?

Don't have confidence issues when it comes to swimwear?  Please leave me your secret in the comments!!  (And before you quote it, I already know - God looks at the heart!)


  1. I haven't worn a swimsuit in probably more then 5 years...seriously it's been a while. My biggest problem area, besides getting a top to fit my girls properly is the little flubber area on my lower back...too high bottoms and I look like a grandma, too low and I look like a plumber...tough to find just the right one. Love the ring one, it's gonna look awesome on you!

  2. YOU will ROCK that Suit!!!

  3. I just think a little spray tan goes a long way! I don't feel nearly as self-conscious when I have a tan! And I like boy short swim bottoms :)

  4. I love love love, did I say love Lands End swimwear. I have purchased the my suits from them for the past three years. When they say flatters, they mean it. When they say it tucks, hides, retains shape, they mean it! But alas, I am to chicken to post a picture of myself in a swimsuit for 1000 of people to see. It's bad enough that 10 people need to see me! Just kidding. Go luck and go for it, buy the swimsuit even if you don't win!

  5. well i'm about to have to be super confident in a suit for all of the internet to see myself! so being at the beach in a bikini don't seem so bad right about now! LOL

  6. I've heard such great things about Lands End suits ~ I'm definitely getting one next time! To make myself feel at ease, I remind myself that it's not about ME & most people probably aren't looking at me anyways! I figure that if people are judging me, they aren't my friends ~ so what does it matter?!

  7. I want to win a suit too! You will look great in yours!


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