June 29, 2010

NC part 2

The 3rd and final day we were in Blowing Rock, NC we visited Grandfather Mountain.  Jay & I thought it was just a mile high swinging bridge - turns out it was much more!

We picnic-ed near the nature museum so that we could catch the 1 o'clock snake demonstration.  Once we learned all about corn snakes, we were allowed to touch it.  The Little Man was the first to raise his hand, but the Princess took some convincing.

In the end, the thought of being able to chase Mamaw (my grandmother who's terrified of snakes) and her JuJu (baby sitter who's like an extra grandmother to the kids) with her snakified hand.

Then it was on to the animal exhibits.  Claire saw the "one armed" eagle first and had to tell us all about it.  Apparently it lost its wing to gunfire before being relocated to the park.

The otters had just been fed, so they were hiding out behind logs the first pass through, but we finally got a glimpse of them. 

The black bears were just hanging out. 

After a fudge pit stop, we were headed to the swinging bridge - the main attraction.  For Jay & I at least.  My mom, sister, and the kids had no interest.  Actually the Little Man was interested, he just wasn't allowed.

Upon further review, my dad decide he wasn't going to cross either.  So it was just Jay, BIL, and myself.  At least we had a camera man come with us right?

That's us in the very middle.  Jay is wearing a yellow shirt and I'm in a pink/red tank.

The Princess finally got brave enough to meet her dad in the middle of the bridge & my dad put on his big girl panties and crossed.  The rest of the crew kept with their original decision.

While the bridge itself isn't a mile from the ground, it is a mile above sea level. 

Then it was on to the rock cliffs ahead.

And while this last picture is photo shopped - its not for the reason you think.  The BIL didn't notice that I was imitating a plumber before he snapped the picture.  The only touch ups that were done on this picture were just making my pants look like they came up higher than they really did!

Following Grandfather Mountain (and the purchase of some silly bands to swap with the Princess) we headed to a pizzeria.  It was recommended to us by a GM clerk, and it looked like it was a nice place.  When we got seated we noticed some extra decor added to the windows.

Turns out several years before they had a waitress with a very jealous boyfriend.  He suspected that the owner was a true Italian stallion and paid the restaurant a little visit.

That's some strong glass!

We parted ways and headed home.  The end of a fun trip is always the hardest part, isn't it?


  1. EWWWW!! A SNAKE!!! No how, no way I'd touch it!!!

    The rest of the trip looked really fun though!

  2. That looks like a great place to visit. I have family in N.C. but I've never made it that far east to visit them. I will have to go sometime.

  3. You are brave for walking the swinging bridge. I'm scared of heights and the picture of Jay lounging at the edge of the cliff...ahhh! That is cool but crazy.

  4. I love the new look! OK, you are WAY more adventurous than I am ~ a snake, that scary bridge, & what was Jay doing way out there on that rock?! You can't even tell the picture was photoshopped ~ good job! My baby girl is into silly bands, too! If the Princess wants to swap with someone from Texas, I could send some!

  5. Oh my word. The hanging bridge looks SO high and scary! I feel scared just thinking about it made me hypervenilate a little bit!

  6. Oh my gosh, that bridge is making me quesy from here! Good for you for going across.

    Otters are too cute!

  7. ahhh snake photo---i could not touch that thing ever.

    love the new layout!!!

  8. Aww, I love the otters! Snakes on the other hand...ew.

    Cute blog makeover :)

  9. What a wonderful trip!

    Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in goodness.


  10. Glad you enjoyed it - I would have a hard time with the snake, and the bridge may have done me in!
    PS - I like the new look!

  11. Glad all y'all had a great time in NC! I lived there for 6 months when on a college internship, but I didn't explore the eastern part of the state much. Looks like fun!

    Non poisonous snakes are okay, but OH HECK NO to the bridge. I'm afraid of open, high places like that. Those otters are too cute!

    And boy, do I feel out of it. I have no idea what a "Silly Band" was! I thought my daughter was supposed to keep me abreast of important fashion trends! ;-)

  12. P.S. These new Blogger templates are too fun, aren't they? :-) Like your pink one!

  13. OH-OH, can I go on the bridge next time!!!!!!

    Love the fact that you photo-shopped out your coin slot as they call it here in the 'hood :) Probably a good choice.

  14. I love that you were brave enough to try the bridge. R1 wouldn't have gone near it. but maybe just maybe I might have. =)
    Glad you had a great vacation. Mine will be beginning soon with the world series for R1 in Dallas. So ready!!


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