June 25, 2010

Dear 2010 Brooke, take 2

The Sisterhood challenged us to review our Monday Project "letter to me" that we wrote back in January.  We were to write a letter to ourselves from the perspective of our 2011 selves, looking back on all that we've accomplished in 2010. 

I knew without reading my letter, 2011 me was on some good medication (or intoxicated) when she wrote it.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to compete at all the same races as last year.  Those that I have ran, I didn't get the result I wanted.

I struggled to get my breath during this year's SMARM 5K and ended the race with my worst time ever.  Until the following weekend when I added another minute to my worst time ever.

I couldn't maintain my 4 MPH pace over the course of the Mountain Man Marathon March, wondering the whole time while I was struggling so much.

Looking back over past blogs I found this True Confessions entry:

Yesterday (facebook friends can checkout the pics - everyone else has to wait for the blog) I went on a hike with Jay, this same super awesome friend and her hubby. Only I was the weak link. I'm not sure if it was a lack of energy due to poor food choices the day before and that morning, or if I'm just not as strong as the rest (I'm trying to pretend that's not it since my friend and I have a very similar exercise routine, although she does hike more.) No matter the reason - I sucked yesterday.

This was late January.  Looks like I found my first signs of anemia.  Needless to say my year hasn't turned out as I had planned.  I didn't get to compete in the Triathlon I was training for and I've been mostly benched for the past month (funny it feels longer than that).

My doctor has assured me that its only temporary and he's going to get me back at it.  I've got 6 months to get better and get my act in gear.  In that spirit allow me to preset you with my Friday's Thursday's Three:

1) I will get my act together.  I will stop snacking mindlessly.  I will stop relying on the drive through.  I will lose this 5 6 pounds I've gained over the past month.  I will return to my healthy eating habits.

2)  I will participate in the K-town Marine Mud run 5K.  No promises on time, but it will be my first healthy 5K of the year (I had a chest cold during my PR 5K in January).  Of course the mud & obstacles along the way will make it a little more difficult than a standard 5K, but I'm setting a goal for myself of finishing under 1 hour (maybe 45 minutes?)

Jay & I will compete together and for the first time I won't be concerned about him beating me.  I'll just be happy to be out there racing again.  And happy that I have a husband willing to compete with his wife who's jealous of his natural athletic ability.

3) I will shave 15 minutes off my half marathon time come November.  This is the one and only thing left on my 2011 letter that's obtainable.  The course has been changed to a very flat course, and with my marathon training and come off a break of several months I'm going to own this race!!

What about you?  How are your goals for the year progressing?


  1. Sounds like you are on the right track!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Brooke, I am so happy you figured out what was going on with your health! When 2011 wrote that letter, it would have been nice if she'd shed some light on the little anemia thing, right? :P Silly 2011 Brooke!

    You will meet your goals this year, even if you do have to amend them a little bit. The most important thing right now is for you to follow doctor's orders and get well. And stop going through the drive-thru girl! I might have to come pop you for that one!!

  3. Oh, what I thought was in store for me at the beginning of 2010...I'd venture to say I totally missed the mark!

    It's all good though :-)

    and you're going to come through to your 2011 self a stronger, wiser, and healthier person than you would have been even if you had been able to accoplish everything you were planning on :-)

  4. Have a great weekend! You have done some searching, haven't you.

  5. You are going to do GREAT!!

    Isn't it nice you could look back and kind of pinpoint the problem again - hindsight is a great thing.

  6. I'm so jealous that you are planning to stick to your goals. I really need to!

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  7. I think you're doing great, especially considering an unforeseen illness!! I'm afraid to look back at my goals, because I think I'm failing miserably! I need to get back on track!

  8. You will do it, I know you will!

  9. I hope that anemia is gone forever very soon!

  10. That's wonderful that you and Jay will be racing together!! I bet you'll have a lot of fun and forget about the competitiveness once you're out there!


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