June 14, 2010

The PSA giveaways!

This week at the Sisterhood, they are giving away lots of goodies!  What I love best about these giveaways is that they also serve as a message to their readers.  "Here, have something free, but be sure to love yourself in the process!"

In conjunction with the American Cancer Society's "Choose You" Campaign - the Sisterhood is giving away a gift basket including sun screen, a water bottle, a gift card to Walgreen's, and some other goodies.  Anything to make us ladies realize that sometimes we have to put ourselves first - if for no other reason but so that we can stick around longer for those that rely on us.

Whether is eating right, exercising, or something as simple (but commonly overlooked) as applying sunscreen or wearing a hat in the sun - we all have things that we could do to keep ourselves healthier.  And while it may seem selfish taking a few moments for yourself - think about the example your setting for others around you.

Don't you want your children to understand the importance of eating right and exercising?

I'm probably the only woman in the world that doesn't have to think about putting herself first.  As the wife of a low maintenance man and the mother to none, I put myself first on a regular basis.  I don't think twice about training for a triathlon, marathon, or anything else that might strike my fancy.

(I'm super excited about a "mud run" 5K in September!)

What I need to learn to do is put my health before my superficiality.  Staying health (even if it means "just" walking or not competing in the triathlon per doctor's orders) is more important than burning off that cheeseburger spinach-strawberry salad. 

Another area that I'm sadly superficial in?  Sunscreen. 

Everyone knows that tan fat looks better than pasty white fat.  But doesn't pasty white skin look better than skin that's scared from having dozens of moles removed?  As of now, I'm in the single digits on the mole removal thing, but if I'm not more vigilant about sunscreen that can certainly all change!

What about you?  How are you going to commit to choosing you?  I promise - these are commitments that will benefit everyone around you!


  1. I really need to work on the sun screen thing! And just remembering that it's not bad to have "me" time, whether it's exercising, reading a book, watching a chick flick...everybody needs a little of that sometimes! :)

  2. I am committed to focusing on making myself better from the inside out, eating better and exercising again. The high from it is unexplainable, even just from walking!

    Oh and I hope you know you are making me want to try that salad, and I'm not a fan of raw spinach.

  3. I am really bad about this. I always put the kids and hubby first.

    I always feel guilty when I put myself first. I did buy me something that I never do. A pretty ring. It isn't much, but I think it's very sparkly.

  4. I need to be better about the sun screen. I'm only 24 and have had 3 moles removed and about to have my 4th. My new saying about this is "pale is the new tan". That's what I say to everyone when they make comments about my blinding white legs.

  5. I used to tan alot before my mister was diagnosed with a form of melanoma. Though his isn't the skin type, I am certainly WELL aware of what melanoma can do! Thanks for making people more aware!

    {I'm sorry you couldn't see the video ~ it's just Natalie Cole singing the song, so you're not missing out on anything personal! There'll be pics of our trip later!!}

  6. As the mom of two boys, I have to make a very conscience effort to put me first. My indulgence is getting pedicures. And when I am out shopping for clothes for them, I try and remember to buy something for me too.


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