June 22, 2010

Sad - the vacation edition

I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on your blogs!

Wanna know what's sad?

Scoring the bottom floor room and getting excited on vacation being a million degrees cooler than home...only to realize its the basement with no air vents or even fans.

The little man being big enough to ride rides at the amusement part by himself.

The princess being too big to ride the little kid rides.

My dad almost getting beat up by the dude at the garbage dump.

The whole family going to bed before 10 PM.

Leaving half a bottle of wine untouched.

Clients calling Jay at 11 PM.  (Thankfully he didn't answer...last night.)

Going home and getting back to the real world.

Now the countdown begins for Jay & my vacation alone in Myrtle Beach!!


  1. That's exciting about LM and Princess. I bet they LOVED that. I remember when I was big enough to ride the big rides. It was the best.

  2. oh a solo vacation...now that sounds like fun! did you ride any rides??

  3. It's always a downer to come back after a getaway. Luckily sounds like you've got another fun vacation coming up. Enjoy!

  4. Welcome back - sounds great and you still have another one to look forward to. I'm leaving for a mini vacation tomorrow!

  5. a whole bottle untouched!!! Terrible!!! LOL ooh a solo trip, that'll be fun!!! (can i come?)

  6. if those were the sad points i can't wait to hear about the great parts! :)
    (although part of me wants to rescue the rest of your wine...lol)


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