July 23, 2010

I < 3 me 3 X 5

Over at the Sisterhood they gave us a mini challenge for the week - this one tougher than the "drink enough water" and "get in your fruits and veggies" challenges of the past.  Monday - Friday for 5 days come up with love your self in 3 different ways each day.

It could be pampering yourself or just finding something to compliment about yourself.

I must admit the week started out promising...


1. Got a cute new haircut

2. Took pictures of the cute new haircut for all the world to see

3. Closed my eyes and enjoyed the scalp massage that came with the shampoo.


1. Knowing what a hot chica I am wearing a skirt, driving a manual transmission Jeep with big mud tires. (Seriously one of the dudes at work told me how much guys love girls driving Jeeps. Jay has since confirmed. Boys are so weird!)

2. Accepting (not deflecting or denying) a compliment from Jay about my body – and actually believing it to be true.

3. Took a short bike ride at lunch while it was still cool enough to enjoy.


1. Put fears of relapse aside and signed up for a Mud Run 5K in September.

2. Went for a run. (It feels so good to be back, even if its walk/running for now.)

3. Rejected that the number on the scale defines me & read excerpts from Geneen Roth’s Women, Food, & God.


1. Microwaved dinner for myself, left Jay to tend to his own dinner.

1. Cranked up “9 to 5” on the radio and jammed while getting ready.

2. Wore my silly bands to remind me how much I’m loved by my niece & nephew.

Yesterday and today were a real struggle for me. I wasn't able to complete the challenge 100%, but I did my best.  
How'd you do on the challenge?  Hopefully you had an easier time of it!


  1. Brooke,

    This challenge should have been easy, but we are the worst at loving ourselves. The sweetest one was wearing the silly bands!

  2. Brooke-you OWNED this challenge. I love that you wore your silly bands (and I do know what those are-Kaylee has about a 100) and that you rocked driving the Jeep in a skirt. How did I do-not so great. I didn't even try. This is one area I need serious help with.

  3. It sounds like you did GREAT! I think you did way better than I would have on this one!!

  4. I love the picture of you driving a jeep in a skirt

    I told A I wanted a jeep the other day (after driving my boss's when he took the car we usually tool around in to be serviced) He was all "you know that makes you about 100 times hotter right?"

    I had no idea...but I'll take it!

    Rock those silly bands!

  5. Skirt + Jeep = HOT! I think you did well on the challenge! Continue to love yourself! And let me know if you want the book. I'm more than happy to share!

  6. Way to rock the challenge, Super Boo! (My kids are still on Hot Wheels, Littlest Pet Shop figurines, and Zhu-Zhu pets...which I don't think I'll try wearing.)

    And I was totally clueless about the "girl in skirt + driving a jeep = hotness itself" thing. Is that a regional thing, or universal, I wonder? I'll have to ask the Mr. about that. (Although I have observed that girls driving classic muscle cars is pretty hot to Detroit boys - so why the Mr. picked me and my Civic, the world may never know....)

  7. YOU ROCKED!!! I didn't even do it! lol

  8. I haven't even thought about doing my post yet. It was a hard challenge. Should have been called a maxi challenge, not a mini challenge. I think you did great. Why do we always find it so hard to be good to ourselves. We give our best to everyone but us. Hey...what do you think are the chances that we could be on the same challenge team this time around? I would love that. have a great weekend.

  9. You did FABULOUS! I love the acceptance and belief of a compliment from your hubby AND not letting the # on the scale define you. And I can totally picture you looking adorable all girly-girl in a muddy Jeep. ;)

  10. What a great challenge. I think we could all benefit from that!

  11. What a great challenge although I can certainly understand how this would be VERY hard.

  12. Holy cow. You did a great job!

    You are beautiful.


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