July 30, 2010

Mamaw & Papaw

This week I've decided to join in the Flashback Friday fun over at Christopher & Tia's. 

In going through my electronic photo albums I came across this one of my grandparents on "Honeymoon Lane"

I'm only flashing back 3 years on this picture, but Honeymoon Lane goes back much further than that.  My papaw has been a farmer all his life.  Growing up, he helped his dad on the family farm until it was time for him to get married and start farming his own piece of land.

My grandparents didn't have an elaborate church wedding, in fact, my grandmother got married in her best church dress.  (Thankfully she saved it and my mother still has it in her cedar chest.)  Since they were just poor country farmers, they didn't have the option of going on a honeymoon.  Instead his dad expected him to climb this hill and milk the cattle.  Not wanting to leave her new husband, my Mamaw went with him.

My Papaw worked the farm as his sole source of providing for his family until my mother & her older sister were in school, then he took a factory job at the local canning plant.  (If he knows Bush's secret recipe - he's not talkin!)

Retired, my grandfather still works that land today.  He within the past year he got a donkey to protect his cattle - too many calves were being taken by coyotes.  He still has a garden full of veggies, grape and blueberry bushes in his back yard, and black berries in his fence row.

Thanks to everyone who's been praying for my grandmother.  She's currently in transitional/rehab care - neither of them are spring chickens so its really good for her to have professional assistance while she (quite literally) gets back on her feet.  Her breathing problems are now under control as well.  She's still struggling a bit, but nothing like she was.

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Photo credit: Jay Fradd aka Mr. Right aka The Mutant 
He snagged this photo on our way up Honeymoon Lane.  We all loaded up in the trailer to find/feed Beautiful the Donkey.


  1. what a sweet story, how wonderful they made their life just living off the land, with each other by their side.

    Continued prayers for her rehab....I bet she's a tough cookie!

  2. I love that story. I hope your grandma has a speedy recovery.

  3. They're precious. Prayers for Mamaw.

  4. They are special people - and pretty cute too!

  5. I love the name "Honeymoon Lane".
    Life sure was much simpler back then wasn't it. Not all the hoopla we have today. I loved the story.
    Hope your Grandma feels better and is able to come home soon!

  6. what a darling story!! i love it! wish life was that simple these days sometimes!!

  7. Thanks for sharing about your grandparents! Very sweet! I love the donkey part for some reason. Hope your mamaw gets better soon!

  8. I love this story. So sweet.

  9. Thanks for sharing the story of your Mamaw and Papaw with us, Brooke! They look like sweet people, with a zest for life. I hope and pray for your Mamaw's continued good recovery.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  10. Aw! So sweet! I'll continue to pray for your grandmother's quick recovery ~ I'm sure our grandfather is ready to have her back at home with him! So glad her breathing is better than it was!

  11. Hi! I'm visiting you through Flashback Friday! I loved your post and the story that you shared... something about it is just so inspiring!! Hope your grammy gets better soon sweetie!

  12. I'm so interested in farm life. My husband used to say that someday he'd like to start an organic farm, and I'd roll my eyes and get exhausted at the thought. But now that we've got kids, the more I think about it, and the better it sounds.

    That picture is adorable. I love her hat.

  13. I love this post. So sweet and wonderful. Enjoy every minute with them -- find some way to soak up their history for your future!

  14. I'm so glad to hear that your grandmother is improving. I'll keep her in my prayers:)


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