July 22, 2010

Thursday's Ten - I Confess...

This week over at Lora's blog, we're doing a little confessing.  Since I haven't joined the Sisterhood's confessions in a while I figured I'd join in.

1)I tend to forget how much I enjoy healthy foods until I force myself to eat them.

2) I'm not following the triathlon training plan as it is written. I'm not built back up to two exercises a day so its either sacrifice a day or two of the plan, or weight lifting.  I enjoy lifting far too much to give it up.

(This was me, pre-anemia.  I'm not quite back here yet, although I did get a compliment on my lats the other day at the gym.)

3) I started the Fly Lady program yesterday, but only cleaned half my sink.  Today is "dress to the laces" and since I do that every day I'll use tonight to finish off my sink.

(My sink - from a distance.  Still haven't figured out how you make a white sink shine.)

4) My grandmother has been in the hospital a week and I haven't asked you to pray for her.  Oops.  She went in last Friday for surgery on her foot.  She had a few complications but was moved yesterday into transitional living care/rehab section of the hospital.

5) I've stalled a little in my reading of the Millionaire Next Door.  I'm loving the information in it, but have been busy living life and only have a few minutes here and there to pick it up.

6) I finished the chapter I was on in the book last night and then proclaimed myself too tired to read my Bible.  Since my priorities were very obviously askew, I went ahead and read a few chapters in the OT from Kings.  I'm not a big fan of the 2 books of Kings.  And rumor has it I get to start the fun over in Chronicles.

7) I <3 twitter.  I'm @smartstrongsexy if you're not already following me.

8) I decided this morning to try to accept my body the way it is.  Then I went at got on the scales at work just to see how much I weigh.  This is gonna be slow going.

9) Jay and I might be going to Maui in January!  A buddy of Jay's lives out there and has invited us to visit for a couple weeks.

10) I'll kill Jay if we miss out on this opportunity - It'll be my post-marathon treat!


  1. I'm sure you need to ease back into things, so I'm glad you're not following the training exactly! & I'm ashamed to say that I don't even know what lats are, but I'm sure yours look great!! I love Flylady, though I easily stray! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I remember seeing the island, but I don't think I've seen the whole thing before. I love the window above your sink, too! I'll be praying for your grandmother's quick healing! I'm only in 2 Samuel, so it looks like I've got a fun road ahead! Maui sounds SO exciting ~ you deserve it!! {sorry for such a long comment ~ I don't know what to post today, so maybe I'll just go around writing long comments for my peeps!}

  2. I LOVE Bar Keepers Friend. http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/
    That is what I use to clean my sink (its stainless steel) and my mom uses it on her white sink and it does wonders.

    I hope your Grandma recovers quickly. Grandmas are very important people.

  3. I was going to recommend Bar Keeper's Friend for your sink, but someone beat me to it :)

    Praying for your Grandma and that Jay takes you to Hawaii.

  4. Hi Brooke! I missed reading your post today so happy when I popped "over" and saw this!

    1. I feel the same way!
    2. It's ok to modify and so cool you know about lifting. I feel like I have to learn a lot about it. Nice back and arms!! I'm jealous!!
    3. Fly Lady. I have her in my bookmark, but can't manage to start the program. Maybe you're progress will convince me!
    4. Will do!
    8. That is awesome! I totally feel you though about having to work at accepting.
    9. GO TO MAUI!! So much good food and great sights!

  5. keep us posted on your grandmother!

    i need to try flylady. well, i need to unpack first. sigh.

  6. You are SOOO small/petite! I about died when I saw the picture of you and then later you said you were trying to be happy with your body.
    I think alot of us would LOVE to be such a little thing like you with muscles :-D

    Three words GO TO MAUI - Hawaii is SO Great!!!

  7. I know so many people who have been to Hawaii recently. I'm so jealous!!! It looks so beautiful there.

    I tried Fly Lady a few years ago when we first got married...I'm not a psycho who sprinkles baking soda in the sink to scrub it down at least a few times a week (weirdo, I know)

  8. 1) Go you! (I especially love apples and peanut butter, so that picture called to me.)

    2) Know what? I've never followed a triathlon training plan, even when I was training for my first one. Since you love the iron and strength is so important, don't give up your weight lifting. I just try to get in a swim, a bike, and a good run in each week, and if I can do more, I go for either the run or the bike. Do try to get in a brick now and then, though, even if it's just a really short run after a bike. Getting used to that bike-to-run sensation is really helpful for race day.

    3) Never heard of "Fly Lady," but I'm sure your sink is looking great!

    4) Consider it done!

    5) Just put that book on CD on hold through my library's online card catalog! Mr. Handsome-and-Handy-and-Frugal will be proud!

    6) Which chapter has all the "begats?" That stopped me cold the one time I tried to read the Bible from the beginning.

    7) Check!

    8) You'll get there! Some affirmations:
    "I'm fit!"
    "I'm healthy!"
    "My husband thinks I'm hot!"
    "And gosh darn it, people like me!" ;-)

    9 & 10) ******squeeeeeeee!!!!****** So hope this works out for you! Maui (or anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands for that matter) is amazing! I recommend the guide book Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook. We have the editions for Kauai and Hawaii (Big Island), and they are fantastic.


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