December 14, 2010

Christmas is here!

Or at least it will be in 11 days (hopefully I didn't give Jody heart palpitations again.)  I'll be following Melissa and ask you to press play then read the blog.  I'm not sure what's up with the cheesy video but I love Kenny & Dolly Christmas music!

I've actually already gotten 2 early Christmas gifts this year.  The first Jay was so excited about he gave me the day he purchased them.  We're currently building We've commissioned some built in bookshelves in the upstairs landing of our house.  The work isn't progressing like I had hoped, but life gets in the way sometimes.

On my Christmas list, I'd requested old books.  Didn't have to be antique - just something that would look appropriate on the shelves of our make-shift library.  I was hopeful that he could get some by the box on EBay for a good price.

Instead he decided to shop local and go to an antique store.  Some he bought for the titles - Christian books that he thought I'd find interesting.  Some he bought for decoration at a great price - $1 each. 

He didn't wrap the box, but told me I couldn't shake it.  I ran my hands along the sides (much like Shawn on Psych) pretending my powers are different than they actually are.  "Antique books!" I said before opening the lid.  Of course the clue was in a big box that I couldn't shake.  Nothing else fragile was on my list.

I have to admit though I'm a little disappointed.  No doubt this will be one of my best gifts and I've already opened it!

My mother gave me another really awesome gift early as well.  She did it though so I could enjoy it.  Once again I guess what it was before unwrapping it.

Kenny & Dolly's A Christmas to Remember CD.  I was looking for it because its one of my constant Christmas memories growing up.  My mom had the record (still might actually) and I remember her putting the record on and us enjoying the tunes.

Of course living in this area, any Dolly CD isn't hard to come by.  She and my dad picked it up on Sunday after church and wanted me to have it so that I could enjoy it leading up to the holiday.

None of that was actually supposed to be the point of this post though.  I was going to show you my Christmas decorations that I finally got up this weekend.  I'm already a little long winded though, so I suppose that'll save for another day.

I know I've said it before - but I'm incredible blessed.  With a wonderful family that wants to make me happy, with simple wishes easy to fulfill.  With the means to purchase gifts for our family.

I want to leave you with my favorite non-traditional Christmas song. You'll forgive the interpretive dance at the end of the video. 

What's the best gift you've ever received?  Not talking monetarily, but something that thrilled your soul when you received it.


  1. The antique books are such a neat gift. Our daughter loves old books and has several of them on her bookcase.
    My best gift truly is having the family together. Since Andy isn't near, it makes it special when it happens.

  2. I LOVE Dolly! Good stuff! Antique books are the best. They look awesome on shelves and they have that wonderful old book smell :)

    My baby brother (not so little anymore) went on a school holiday trip when he was a kid and used all his spending money to buy me a jewelry box made out of seashells, some rock candy, and a mood ring. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever, and I still have the jewelry box and mood ring. Rock candy however, was half-eaten by him on his way home :)

  3. I have a friend in Ohio who LOVES Dolly. Love those videos!!

    Best gift? I have two, really: The first was my Bible from my parents in 2000 -- it was my first "real" Bible -- not a Precious Moments Bible or a Bible Drill Bible that they give you. It had my name engraved and everything, and I still have that Bible.

    The other best gift ever was my diamond earrings from Kyle. They're not big at all -- he got them for me when we were engaged, and maybe what makes that so special is because of how I remember he gave them to me. It was right before midnight on Christmas Eve, and it was just me and him in the living room of my parents' house, and it was our first couple Christmas. =)

  4. How funny that Jay couldn't wait to give you the books! & yay for parents who didn't wait until Christmas to give you something you'd enjoy NOW even more than later! I remember seeing that TV special when I was a kid. Kenny Rogers looked so much better back then ~ all natural & not plastic-looking!

  5. gifts?

    Best gift as an adult: my husband proposed to me on Christmas Eve!

    Best gift as a kid: Our elementary school was starting a music program, and I really wanted to play an instrument. They did a lottery to hand out the instruments, and I was so bummed to not get picked. That Christmas, imagine my delight in opening a trumpet! It was a rental, of course, but it was still the perfect gift. Eventually, the school district found me one to use.


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