December 08, 2010

Holiday Hoedown Check in Week 3

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

Good morning ladies and gents!! (Are there any gents that read my blog?  Besides one handsome mutant of course.) Its check-in time over at the Sisterhood.


I'm done right?


So I gained weight.  Again.  This is getting really old.  Although I have no doubt what caused  it.  The biscuits and gravy 2 mornings in a row at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  The absence of a long run do to my weekend with the family.  The chimichanga, cheese sauce, refried beans, and coke Monday night went no where but my thighs and rear.

What is new?  Yesterday I actively did something to change my behavior.

We'll skip over the brownie and the diet dr.k with dinner m'kay?  I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a granola bar for morning snack, a bowl of chili (w/cheese and sour cream) for lunch, and a plate of stir fry for dinner. 

Notice what's absent there?  Fast food.  Crap that my body doesn't need.  Okay technically it didn't need the brownie but it was a small portion and I was hungry and wanted something sweet. 

Yesterday is how I imagined my eating moderately would be.  Mostly nutritious food with a few yummies add in.

Let's go for day 2 of that behavior - what'd ya say?


  1. I want to know why all of this is so hard???!!!! I haven't been doing good lately, and I know that I should!

    Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and kicking the fast food.

    Also, I want to punch you for talking about food.


  2. You had to go and mention biscuits and I'm drooling. ;)

    Cheers for saying peace out to fast food! It can be a rough one to kick. Quick, easy, CHEAP...why does eating healthy cost so frackin' much?

  3. Good for you! That sounds like a great day. I would totally have to splurge on a bit of brownie, too! :)

  4. I'm sorry you had a bit of a 'blip.' I had my breakfast this morning, and then just a bit ago, had a chocolate glazed doughnut. This, after having 3 doughnuts yesterday! So know how you feel!!

  5. It's tough to stay on track this time of year. You're doing a good job of refocusing, though, and that's what counts!

  6. Day 2 will be good. Then day 3 and then 4. You can do this. Save your money and eat healthier. Win-win, right?

  7. I'm with Misti -- I think one of the reasons we heart fast food so much is that it's cheap and fast!!

  8. I think it's great you banned the fast food! Now keep keeping it away!

  9. Keep stepping away from the fast food. You can do this! I know you can. ((hugs))

  10. You can so do the no fast food thing. Way to go on the day of healthy eating (hoping today went just as great!)

  11. Yay for the no fast food! When you don't feel motivated, small steps are the way to go.

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  13. its the marathon. all you do is eat and run. you are dead tired and need the energy, so you reach for anything and everything.
    yep. been there, now trying to drop the lbs.

  14. You can do it, Brooke! You are a smart, strong and sexy young lady!! You can do whatever you put your mind to...just drop the sodas and fast food and everything else usually falls into place for me!!

  15. great job cutting out fast food!!


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