December 30, 2010

Shifting my Focus

Last night,while reading my homework for today (chapter 3), my husband said "You've been reading on that book a while."  Of course my pride had to correct him.  I'm reading a chapter a week, just as I'm "assigned". 

(Yes, I was that annoying kid who got to grade papers while everyone else wrote their times tables a million times as punishment.  I'm also a perfectionist and a pleaser while I'm getting my major faults out there.)

I love how God works.  Without the Radical read along, I wouldn't have met Marla.  Without Marla I wouldn't have been introduced to the @stickyJesus read along hosted by Michelle.  I wouldn't have known about this book, which would be a tragedy.

This book isn't anything revolutionary.  Its not full of deep spiritual thoughts or 12 perfect steps to Jesus.  But in laying out the simple steps of living for God online, its teaching me what a poor job of living for Him in real life I'm doing.

And that has the potential to be life changing.

Yesterday, I got some great encouragement from my Sisterhood friends regarding my recent weight gain.  God spoke to me through those wonderful ladies.  Do the right things (little things) and the rest will come. 

God has lectured me about this before.  I shouldn't be superficial (which is what my weight loss quest is).  I shouldn't be so caught up in me. 

So yesterday, during my run, I made an effort to change my attitude.  Starting with prayer.  Can you believe it actually worked?  Of course you can, I'm sure you've seen it in your own life.

I started out depressed because running tights just aren't flattering when you've put on 15 pounds in 6 months and haven't bothered to buy new clothes.  Within a tenth of a mile I was praying. 

One blogger I read regularly had emailed me asking for prayer for a specific issue in her life.  Wow.  For someone to contact me with that sort of request.  I spent the next few moments bringing her request before God.

Then I moved to my friends (both IRL and online) who are currently pregnant. 

Then on to my parents who are both dealing with medical issues right now.

I took the focus off me and put it on praying for the needs of others.  And it was the best run I've had in a while.

Most of my online relationships are formed via blogs, then extend into twitter.  I hope those of you that read/follow me know that if you need me I'm just an email away.

I'm not the best prayer in the world, but I'm praying to the One who created the universe.  While I am nothing, He is everything.

Thank you for blessing me with your friendship.


  1. Thank *you*! Glad you are listening. Because you're pretty amazing.

  2. He has a great way of reminding me of what is important, especially when I tend to veer of course.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about that, praying during running. It's something I used to do (especially when it felt hard to do), and I haven't in awhile. Better that than all the random junk that goes through my brain when I'm running or walking. ;-)

    My mom used to do that during her & my step-dad's commute to work. She had various sections of her drive where she'd pray for particular people. No wonder we've been so blessed, they had an hour's drive each way! :-)

    And thank *you* for being my friend, too! I hope we get to meet in person someday. :-)

  4. I think that praying on the run is absolutely brilliant - see how smart you are?? :) I think I do a lot of informal praying on my run, but I haven't tried any formal prayer... what better way to pass the time?

  5. YOUR friendship is a blessing to ME! :)

  6. so nice, Brooke. And a great reminder. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful post, Brooke. I haven't been here in so long, and I see a definite change!

    Blessings to you in the New Year!!

  8. Think that you are the one blessing us! Happy New Year!!!

  9. This is such a beautiful post! When I was able to run I had some of my most meaningful prayer times while pounding the pavement! I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross through the Sisterhood!

  10. Brooke,
    You are truly amazing. I am inspired and awed by you so often. I popped over here tonight to see how you're doing, and this post makes me smile. SMILE. You are beautiful, inside and out, to God and everyone.

    I'm going to give praying and running a try. As soon as I get my running shoes back on my feet. I'm long overdue.

    Happy New Year, friend. I'm glad to have you :)


  11. I just started reading "Radical" -- actually, our church is going to start studying it for two months starting next week. It's quite humbling to me to realize how I fail God daily.

    I gotta say...I'm totally impressed that you can pray while running, lol! Most of my thoughts get in a one-mode "finish" attitude. My intelligence (what there is, lol) turns to mush after about 3 miles.

    I'm so excited about your upcoming Disney run!!!


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