December 15, 2010

Holiday Hoedown Week #4

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

Good morning Tinsel Vixens!  Morning everyone!  Let's get the stats out of the way.  I've decided to start including my weight again.  I'm always a little torn when I do that, but the accountability is a good thing.

Challenge Start: 135.6
Last week: 136.6
Today: 134.6

What is it with the 0.6 thing I've got going on??  Can I just tell you how encouraged I am? I several things right and a few things wrong.  Its nice to get that extra boost to show me that I really am going the right direction.

Now on to the challenge goals:

4 Fruits/Veggies (Tinsel Vixen Goal)

I made an effort to be conscious of what I was eating, but I didn't honestly track it all that well.  That's one thing I changed starting yesterday.  Working on the assumption that salsa counts, I totally made this goal. 

64 oz water (Tinsel Vixen Goal)

I've always been pretty good with this one.  Only when I get too heavy into soda (say at a fast food restaurant) does the ball get dropped on this one.  As stated above I can't really work backwards, but I know that I got in my allowance yesterday and a couple other days, and will keep a tally for the week to report back in next week.

No soda (Personal Goal)

I didn't do so hot on this one.  I might have gone a couple days without it, but more days than not I had some.  I can say that I never had more than one round.  I won't say serving because I know that's 8 oz.  I had a 20oz bottle one day and a fast food cup one day, but I didn't get a refill and I didn't go over one can/bottle a day.  That's something right?

No fast food (Personal Goal)

This is a lunch time goal for me.  Counting Wed/Tues as my week I went 3/5 on this one.  One day I got a burger and fries because I was craving it.  The other I got it because my potato soup didn't freeze well and looked like vomit.  Since I didn't have a backup plan (a can of soup - which has since been added to my food drawer at work) and I had to eat something for lunch, a burger and fries was my lunch of choice.

Otherwise I've done well at packing.  I had beef stew one day, spaghetti leftovers another, and yesterday was tacos.  This week I'm building up my freezer collection to assist in this: taco meat mixture, chili, white chicken chili are all being made and frozen for future use.  If you have any yummy freezer safe lunch ideas I'd love for you to share them!

4 X 30 minutes exercise  (Tinsel Vixen Goal)

I did well on this one, but since my training plan calls for 4 runs a week, it wasn't difficult to reach.  I did actually get in 2 weights workouts on top of my runs.  I've neglected weights for far too long.  I love lifting and it makes me feel great.  I definitely need to make this a priority.

6 hours exercise for the week (Personal Goal)

I logged 441 minutes of exercise this week which translates into over 7 hours worth for the week.  Goal definitely met!
Try something new (Sisterhood Goal)
I sorta halfway did this one.  I ran 18 miles, which is something I've never done before.  Also on the Tinsel Vixen circuit we did straight leg crunches, which is also a new one on me.  Not the adventurous activity they were looking for, but its the best I could do given my training plan/time/energy.
All in all I think this week gets a big thumbs up.  I made a concentrated effort to get back into my good habits and I noticed a chance on the scale as a result.

Looking forward to next week they've laid out the following challenges:

Amp up your exercise minutes.
Dare I try to reach 8 hours this week?  I've got my 20 miler so that'll add about 24 more minutes.  That's a lofty goal but we'll see.

Pat myself on the back at least once daily.
Okay so not literally, but commend myself for a positive action.  Or compliment myself on a positive trait.  I'll be logging these with my other tracking items.
How'd you do this week?


  1. Two thumbs up for you Brooke! You had a great week overall - the 2 pound loss was just icing on the cake (ok-maybe not that, how about hummus on a carrot)!

  2. what a great week! The soda one is a personal goal of mine as well. Should have blogged it. I'm down to 1 soda per day. Next week we'll try for none. :)

  3. You just blow me out of the water. Seriously amazing. Way to go.

  4. It sounds like you're doing great!! I have a super yummy AND healthy taco soup made with ground turkey & lots of veggies that makes tons & freezes well. Email me if you want the recipe!

  5. Woo hooo!!! You had a fantastic week, Brooke! It's hard to change habits like the soda one. That stuff is everywhere, and sometimes it's almost an automatic choice (especially when eating out).

    And good for you on bringing lunches from home! It sounds like you've got some good backup plans. Is there a freezer at work? Maybe stash a backup healthy lunch in there.

    I sometimes use frozen veggies to bulk up leftovers or canned stuff. Chopped frozen spinach added to soup, mixed veggies in chili or stew, that sort of thing.

    18 miles? I'm in awe.

  6. You did so awesome this week! Thanks for all the encouragement AND inspiration!

  7. You had great week!! Me not so much. To much going on and then every time I turn around a party at work. UGH. BTW Christmas Vacation rocks!!

  8. 1) GREAT JOB!
    2) Salsa totally counts (IMHO)
    3) 3/5 on fast food is better than 5/5 - progress!

    So proud of you!

  9. Way to go had a good week! And I agree...salsa counts as a fruit/veggie. I love salsa on my baked it a little kick and I get 2 fruit/veggie points!

  10. Woohoo! Great job on the loss and all the goals! That's awesome!

  11. way to go! and at a time when most people are gaining weights.

  12. Yay for your hard work and your 2#s!! You're going to kick butt next week too!


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