December 16, 2010

@stickyJesus Read Along!

I wasn't the most faithful with my blogging during Marla's Radical read along, so I'm excited to have a shot at redemption with Michelle's weekly homework of @stickyJesus.

There were plenty of statistics in "File 01: You were born for a such a time as this" aka chapter one.  But one of them caught my eye more than the rest, and that's because it hit close to home.  More accurately, its the reason for my home as I know it.

One out of every eight couples married in 2008 in the U.S. met via social networking.
Wanna take a guess as to when Jay and I got married? 

Wanna know where we met?
Myspace (back when it was still cool)

I honestly thought we were a rarity.  Sure you see the eHarmony commercials where their couples met online, but you don't actually believe it happens to real people.  Especially in a land full of "hey u r hot wanna chat?"  Marriages don't come from that.

Ah...but they do. 

While on our first anniversary vacation, Jay and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Napa.  We all had individual tables, but each of the 5 couples chatted to everyone else while enjoying our first meal of the day.  A few of the other couples there also met online.

Not sure why I just assumed it was a fluke. 

Facebook.  Twitter.  Blogger.  Message boards.

There all filled with real people.  Those real people  have real feelings.  Real needs.

Why are we tempted to be someone other than who we truly are when interacting with others?  In the bloggy land there seems to be a lot of putting your best face forward going on.  Maybe not yours or mine, but I wonder just how real some of the more popular bloggers can be.

Then again maybe I should remove the log out of my eye before challenging the speck in someone else's. After all my blog title?  Just who I want to be.  While I'm transparent in my posts that I'm certainly not the most confident person in the world, I didn't want to name it Awkward + Uncertain = ME.

In order to reach out to those people with real needs, we must be transparent. 

While a perfectionist, I am not perfect.

I'm a sinner.

I need the grace of Jesus on a daily, hourly basis.

We're promised that in our weakness, He is made strong.

If that's the case then He's gonna really be able to work through me.  And I honestly pray that's the case.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read.

  2. You know, if my blog were titled honestly, it would say short + stocky + klutzy = me! But, then, it also might say kind + educated + quirky = me. So I think your title is perfectly true and appropriate! :)

  3. Awkward + Uncertain = Me too! And I looove what you said about God using our weaknesses. That's pretty much my life motto. Thanks for sharing, friend!

  4. I'm honest to a fault. If I ever get the chance to meet any of my bloggy friends I want them to say I am in person just like they thought I would be!

  5. It's surprising how many people meet online.
    And you're right- we need to be real and not just share the good parts!

  6. Well, my Mr. and I met the old fashioned way: a personal ad (his) in our area's weekly local entertainment guide paper. ;-) I almost didn't call because his ad said he enjoyed "beach runs," and I wasn't a runner at the time. (Turned out beach runs=quick trips out to the beach.) The closing line, "Let's meet for coffee," was the clincher, though; it was so friendly and sensible.

  7. I've met some amazing Christians online that have led to face-to-face encounters. These friendships are very real.

    And I know a couple who met online. They've been married for years.

  8. You are an amazing testament to all that is real online!

  9. I didn't realize how many couples met online these days! Interesting...I think I'm pretty real on my blog, though I sometimes say a little more of my innermost thoughts than I normally say out loud. Is that weird?

  10. :-)
    exactly why my blog is called "take me the way i am". it's a reminder to MYSELF to be authentic as well as a promise to those who stop by.


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