December 29, 2010

The Power of One!

Its a new week (thankfully) and an (almost) new year so you know what that means...a new challenge over at the Sisterhood!  Its called the Power of One and its all about setting individual goals for myself for the following year.

Power of One Challenge
Let's just get the weight thing out of the way.  I'm at my highest weight on record today.  I don't like it one bit.  All my hard work over this past year for nothing.  I'm disgusted and need to do something about it, I just don't know what. 

Should I go back to calorie counting?  It worked well for me but, by its very nature, was restrictive.  Should I just focus on eating good quality foods?  I'm sure that would take some weight off, but it would be slow going.

Starting back at square one:

Today's weight: 137
Challenge goal: 132

Five pounds for this challenge seems reasonable right?  Right? 

Here are a few more goals for the challenge:

  • Complete a marathon Disney is only 11 days away!!
  • Cut out soda consumptionI purchased some of those water flavoring packets at the store yesterday, being careful to choose the ones with no artificial sweeteners.  My main problem is that I drink so much water during the day I get sick of it and want something different for dinner.  Hopefully this will  help.
  • Pack my lunch 3 days a week.I've already gotten pretty good at this one, so its just seeing it through.  The other two days I'm allowing myself a girls lunch with my friends/coworkers and lunch with my mom.
  • Change up my workouts post marathon.My gym is starting their version of Zumba in January - just in time for me to pick it up while giving myself a break from running.
  • Love myself.This is one I keep challenging myself for and keep falling short on. 
  • Reach a new 5K PRThis isn't for the challenge.  I'm going to try to give myself a month or two off from running after the marathon.  But come May I hope to have a new PR when I run (for the 3rd time) the course that was my first ever 5K.
  • Look hawt in Maui.I'll probably not be able to weigh in for the last of the challenge, as I'll be soaking in the sun in Hawaii.  By then I wanna be rockin my Lands End bikini with confidence again.  Where did this girl go??


  1. she's in there, Brooke, no question. In my opinion you should be able to lose 5lbs just by running that freaking marathon, I mean, really, right? But being a runner, I know it usually works in reverse.

    I LOVE your goals and your determination. I know now that you've set your mind to it, you WILL do it.

  2. You can do it!! I'm so jealous of your trip to Maui - it will be so amazing.

  3. I have no doubt you are going to rock your marathon and be rocking your bikini on the beach in Maui.

    I love your goals - you are gonna do great!

  4. Great goals - and I am sure you are beautiful just as you are! Disney is sooo close!!! :)

  5. 11 days--that is awesome! You are so close. Start downloading some good songs to your ipod, stack up on podcasts to listen to, and stretch,stretch, stretch.
    you dont want to get hurt.

  6. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself.....and the rest will follow.

    You will be rockin' that bikini in no time.

    Good luck with the marathon!

  7. Lisa, and so many others here, are so right. Love yourself, Brooke. The rest will follow. I wish I had a more original way to say it, but she is so right.

    Love your goals for the challenge! Can't wait to follow you as you complete your marathon - so proud of you!

  8. I know you are going to do great with this challenge. You are going to look great in Maui and the trip will be amazing.

    I can't believe Disney is just around the corner. You are going to do great!

  9. Start with the small things (like your goals) and the big things will follow (like weight loss)! Don't worry about the numbers on the scale....worry about taking care of yourself with water consumption, fruits/veggies, and lean meats. You are gonna rock that bikini in Maui!!

  10. Yeay!!! So glad you'll be going to Maui this coming year! :-D It's one of my favorite places on earth! (The others being Kauai, Hawaii (Big Island), get the idea!) And how exciting, your big race coming up! Woot!

    I've been finding the scale to be disappointing lately, too; I had hoped to end my year the same as last year, but it jumped up to a number I hadn't seen in 2 years. I think part of it is that I clamped down a little too tightly at the beginning of the month, and then rebounded with gusto over the holiday. But it's starting to come down, because I'm gently returning to "ordinary time" eating. *sigh*'s really hard to trust that the good habits will get me'd think I would by now.

    I'm guessing that you have been more hungry than usual because you're training for the marathon. It takes a lot of fuel to do the kind of training you've been doing. I'm supposing that it will be easier to manage the eating part afterward.

  11. I have no doubts that you will be rockin that bikini. I also have no doubt that you can hit the 5 pound mark. You seem like the girl who can do anythig she puts her mind to. You certainly inspire me.

  12. You could always loosely count calories. Not do it every day or overly analyze it. Focus on the eating whole foods thing, but on occasion check in to see if the portions match up with a good deficit for your goals. That's how I will likely go about it when losing baby weight.

  13. Great picture!! Started the weight loss thing whole hearted today. =)
    And if you need me to send Hubs to help you take down your decor just let me know.

  14. I think your goals seem very reasonable! They seem like a bit of a challenge, but not so much that you'll give up because you'll never attain them!

  15. Wow, that marathon is that soon!? Seems like I just read that you started training. You're gonna kick butt!

  16. Good luck at Disney!!! You will totally rock it! And I am so insanely jealous of your trip to Maui!!! You have always been such an amazing support! You will totally rock this challenge!

  17. Girlfriend, love yourself everyday, cuz we love ya! You can do it and will do it.

  18. Great goals Brooke!

    My prayer for you in 2011 is that you will find the strength to LOVE yourself and go easy on yourself. You are a beautiful woman who has so much going for herself and so many times I find myself thinking that you are the only one who doesn't realize it! YOU are worthy and YOU are deserving and lovely in your heavenly father's eyes as well as all of our eyes who watch you in awe of all that you are stretching yourself to do physically and in terms of your health.

    Own it girl! You are worth it and WE all love you!

  19. Hot photo Brooke!!!

  20. I'm really enjoying reading your blog! You are so inspiring! Your achievement in the marathon is inspiring to us all!

    I know you will have a fabulous time in Maui! It's the most beautiful place in the world to me. Beautiful people, places, and weather... Of course, it's special to me because Michael and I were married there. :)

    By the way, anyone who can run a marathon like you did, should wear their bikini proudly! You go girl!


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